I Remember

I remember how mountains seem so high when I’m trying to climb them.
But in the peaceful valley below, they just provide shade.

I remember how tears flow like a river, or not at all.
But later they wash the pain away.

I remember how my heart beat fast and hands shook violently.
But when the crisis passed, I stood strong.

I remember the fear, the worry, and dread.
But realize again that it’s all in my mind.

I remember stress, the unwelcome visitor, the needy companion.
And I remember, sooner or later, the Peace that passes all understanding!

I remember the Cause that is within me.
And I remember to choose positive effects in my life!

I remember!

“I Remember,” the prompt at napowrimo.net, for this second to last (some say penultimate 🙂 ) day of
Either way, one more day!