Power Struggle

I don’t like it when you push me around.
But I don’t have a problem telling my kids what to do.

I feel like a bad kid when you talk to me that way.
But I don’t mind making you mad to prove a point.

I point out your words that replay in my head.
But I let you keep saying them over and over.

Over and over I get on this ride.
I say I want off, but I keep getting in line.

I line up everything that needs to change
Like dominoes in a pretty row.

The dominoes fall to reveal the truth:
The power struggle is in my own mind!

“Mind over matter,” I tell myself.
But I think out of habit just the same.

I wear the same habit like a shield.
But it doesn’t protect me.

I am protected more deeply inside,
Beyond strife and struggle, beyond this powerful ride of fleeting life.

Because real life knows
The struggle is temporary.

The treatment is temporary, too.
And by the Power of Life within me, I treat it that way from now on!

day 28, unprompted.