– Simple
To tell the truth
– Convince so many
To take the path WE choose.

Words complicate the matter
Of Being, and confuse it with
Seeing, thinking appearance is real.

But we perceive a tiny part of life
And keep saying experience is concrete.
Our words are overworked and under-paid as such,
And understanding Life itself is still beyond us.

Words are a gift, but when to often called to task, they dull.
Their fifteen minutes, a dizzying eternity of “what?”
We talk too much to listen at the door of Higher Consciousness,
Where all words fall away to knowing, flowing, glowing Cosmic Lifeforce…

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is for a poem with long lines. One example has 17 syllables per line, taking inspiration from the 5-7-5 (=17) syllables of Haiku. I’ve written a variation, with lines from 1 to 17 syllables. An interesting piece for