Guest Poem: MERELY PASSING THROUGH by James R. Campbell

We are pilgrims, passing through this life,
On a journey that extends in to eternity.
We must do what we can during the brief time,
That we are granted on this earth.

No one knows when the journey
On this mortal coil will end.
What matters is how we live
During our brief stay.

There is only so much daylight,
In which to do the good that we can.
When darkness descends,
We enter yet another stage.

Death is not the end, but merely the beginning,
Of the next life.
There is no reason to fear dying,
For we are merely passing through.

Death is like a dream state during sleep,
The nature of which will be determined,
By how we live our lives today.
Let us work for the good we can do.

For it matters most what treasures we build,
We cannot take the material things of this life
On the next part of the journey.
So let us build what will last forever.

Copyright 2016 by James R. Campbell. All rights reserved. Reprinted with written permission of the author.

Author Bio

I am James R. Campbell. I am sixty-one years old and liv in Odessa, Texas. I am a poet, essayist, and student of current affairs. I write for
The Consumer Vision Magazine,
Behind our eyes, and
Word Matters!

I have a bachelors in psychology from the Permian Basin branch of the University of Texas. I live with my elderly aunt. I enjoy cooking, reptiles, playing the harmonica, and late sixties psychedelic rock. My poems can be downloaded at

Earth Day Reminder

I forgot about Earth Day.
Now what does that tell you?
That Earth Day isn’t profitable?
Or promoted?
Or honored?
Yes, all these things,
And none of them.

I forgot about Earth Day.
And that tells me
I need to reconnect with this planet on which I live and breathe,
This unthinking, unassuming mother who asks for nothing,
But deserves all the abundance of Life
For sustaining our own.

I forgot about Earth Day.
But I also remembered.
So may we all,
And shower her with blessings
Even if,
Or because
She never asks!

Day 22/30 of
from the prompt to write about Earth Day, at


Earth Day Affirmations

Self-sufficiency + Independence = Impossible


I’ve lived in a state of hypnosis
For all of my life and before.
It’s time to snap out of the trance now
And look to the opening door.

I’ve done what I’m told and I’ve waited
Beneath expectation and fear,
Considering every opinion,
Belief, and desire I hear.

But all of them came from outside me,
For others are happy to tell.
I went from the light to the shadows,
From Heaven above, down to Hell!

I’ve lived in this state of hypnosis,
Obeying the people’s commands.
And it’s brought me back to my purpose:
I’m God’s mind and Spirit and hands!

It’s hard getting out of the trances,
But truly we’re never alone!
Despite every darkness and detour,
We’re walking the path of the One!

Unprompted, for
NaPoWriMo day 21.

Kenning – A Riddle

Can you guess what I’m describing? For a hint, take my profession into account…

Air traffic controller, monitoring every flying figure
Little boat, oars lost, tossed by the current
Merry-go-round, spinning, spinning
Trolley, up and down, up and down, bells clanging
Racetrack, a place for constant laps of the same territory
Military vehicle, camouflaged and ready for combat
Fire truck, putting out fires, real and otherwise

Did you get it? This one’s a giveaway…

Train of thought (2), clicking, clacking, ___ a-spinning!

What is it?

Please leave a comment with your answer! I know what I mean, but you may find others!

I had fun writing this one, based on today’s NaPoWriMo prompt to write a
Kenning. I don’t recall reading one before, but I’ve heard the word – must have been when I took an Old English Literature course, reading Beowulf and the like.

How to Weave a Tapestry

Paint a picture in your heart.
Someone else’s will not do.
Choose the colors and designs
That are meaningful to you.

Warp your loom to measure threads.
Keep the tension all the same.
Round and round you wind the yarn,
Making up your picture frame.

Over, under, over, under,
Filling in the detail sure,
Back and forth across the warp,
Goes weft that makes designing soar.

Separate threads now interlacing,
Shuttles transport yarn beyond;
Tapestry is taking shape,
And life is every weaver’s song.

The prompt for today was to write a didactic (instructional) poem teaching a practical skill. I couldn’t shake the weaving idea, so this is my contribution for day 19 of

Never … Until Then

“Well, I never!”
I heard that as a kid
And vowed I’d never say it!
But sure enough, I did.

“Never say never,”
Another favorite line.
My mother doesn’t know it,
But that one’s also mine.

Of course, “You’ll spoil your dinner!”
Was Nana’s claim to fame.
And if you ask my son,
He’ll say he’s heard the same.

“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!”
I haven’t said the phrase.
But well I know the warning
And keep myself at bay.

These childhood expressions
I never hear today
Are in my mind and fiber
To guide me on my way.

The simplest of sayings
That we remember most,
Because of those who said them,
We always keep them close.

I wasn’t going to use today’s NaPoWriMo prompt on childhood phrases, manners of speech, etc. But when I started writing, it worked, and turned out to be a touching piece for


Manifesting all we see,
Eternal Love creates;
Transforming what we do not need, by
Agency of Grace.
Prosperity is ours, because the
Highest Good is real. And
Yesterday has come and gone to help us
Sense and heal. Our
Intuition is the voice of
Consciousness and Truth, the
All-in-all within us all that
Lives, sustains, renews!

Today’s prompt for
was to incorporate 10 terms from any kind of dictionary into a poem. This is an Acrostic for (the word) Metaphysical and contains Metaphysical Dictionary terms – just not 10 of them.

(Get Back on That Pony and) Ride

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

1. Life is like a pony ride.
It’s calm and smooth at times.
But when it kicks you and throws you down,
It’s not so gentle and kind.

2. You trot through meadows with flow’rs in bloom,
And colors all ablaze.
Then slog through spongy, muddy ground
When life has turned to grey.

3. The rhythm of the clip and clop
And the beating of your heart,
They move together through this life
And up to greater parts.
Refrain: (Twice)

Get back on that pony and ride, my friend.
You won’t get where you’re goin’ unless you round the bend.
This journey has a purpose, and on that you can depend.
So get back on that pony and ride, ride, my friend.

Download Mp3

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(Get Back on That Pony and) Ride – Mp3.

What I Fear

I fear my feelings, great and small
That pile up and roll and balls,
Compress themselves so dense and deep,
To build their house on top of me!

They decorate my mind and heart
With everything that’s cold and dark.
They take my thoughts and feelings good,
And burn them up like coal and wood.

I fear the way that I would be
If they should get the best of me!
And so I turn to God above,
Within me now, for strength and love!

I may not always feel His peace,
But I know God will never cease.
He calms the storm and every fear
And makes these feelings disappear.

God washes out their house of sand,
For I am in His guiding hand.
He shows me where to build my place:
Upon His rock of truth and faith.

This poem was very loosely based on today’s NaPoWriMo prompt. The prompt was an Almanac Questionaire, and one category was “What I fear.” Also based on the New Testament parable of the wise builder and the foolish builder.

Click here for more from NaPoWriMo!

Mirror of More

In the mirror I see
What I think is all me.
But illusion is there
In these eyes and this hair.
I am much more to know
Than the outside can show!
When I look and I find,
Deep within my own mind,
All the Presence of Good!
And how I wish I could
Bring reflections so sweet
To the mirror and me!
And when I go within,
This is what I begin:
To depict for the world
Spirit’s image unfurled!
Not for praise of my own,
But so others come home
To the One, true and pure,
And the Mirror of More!

Today’s prompt at is to write a poem with doubles, in the form or in imagery. This is my humble, heartfelt submission for