I’ve lived in a state of hypnosis
For all of my life and before.
It’s time to snap out of the trance now
And look to the opening door.

I’ve done what I’m told and I’ve waited
Beneath expectation and fear,
Considering every opinion,
Belief, and desire I hear.

But all of them came from outside me,
For others are happy to tell.
I went from the light to the shadows,
From Heaven above, down to Hell!

I’ve lived in this state of hypnosis,
Obeying the people’s commands.
And it’s brought me back to my purpose:
I’m God’s mind and Spirit and hands!

It’s hard getting out of the trances,
But truly we’re never alone!
Despite every darkness and detour,
We’re walking the path of the One!

Unprompted, for
NaPoWriMo day 21.