Kenning – A Riddle

Can you guess what I’m describing? For a hint, take my profession into account…

Air traffic controller, monitoring every flying figure
Little boat, oars lost, tossed by the current
Merry-go-round, spinning, spinning
Trolley, up and down, up and down, bells clanging
Racetrack, a place for constant laps of the same territory
Military vehicle, camouflaged and ready for combat
Fire truck, putting out fires, real and otherwise

Did you get it? This one’s a giveaway…

Train of thought (2), clicking, clacking, ___ a-spinning!

What is it?

Please leave a comment with your answer! I know what I mean, but you may find others!

I had fun writing this one, based on today’s NaPoWriMo prompt to write a
Kenning. I don’t recall reading one before, but I’ve heard the word – must have been when I took an Old English Literature course, reading Beowulf and the like.