Never … Until Then

“Well, I never!”
I heard that as a kid
And vowed I’d never say it!
But sure enough, I did.

“Never say never,”
Another favorite line.
My mother doesn’t know it,
But that one’s also mine.

Of course, “You’ll spoil your dinner!”
Was Nana’s claim to fame.
And if you ask my son,
He’ll say he’s heard the same.

“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!”
I haven’t said the phrase.
But well I know the warning
And keep myself at bay.

These childhood expressions
I never hear today
Are in my mind and fiber
To guide me on my way.

The simplest of sayings
That we remember most,
Because of those who said them,
We always keep them close.

I wasn’t going to use today’s NaPoWriMo prompt on childhood phrases, manners of speech, etc. But when I started writing, it worked, and turned out to be a touching piece for