(Get Back on That Pony and) Ride

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

1. Life is like a pony ride.
It’s calm and smooth at times.
But when it kicks you and throws you down,
It’s not so gentle and kind.

2. You trot through meadows with flow’rs in bloom,
And colors all ablaze.
Then slog through spongy, muddy ground
When life has turned to grey.

3. The rhythm of the clip and clop
And the beating of your heart,
They move together through this life
And up to greater parts.
Refrain: (Twice)

Get back on that pony and ride, my friend.
You won’t get where you’re goin’ unless you round the bend.
This journey has a purpose, and on that you can depend.
So get back on that pony and ride, ride, my friend.

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