Letter from the Spirit of Truth

Dearest You,

I am the voice of the season. I am the Spirit of every season. I am within everything, and everything is within me.

I am within you. Who am I? Who are you? We are the Christ consciousness. We are a state of truth, love, peace, faith and knowing. I am that highest vibration. And your true nature is the same.

If at times you don’t feel lifted up, ask! Ask me, within you always, to lift you to this place of truth. You will be there, even as you ask. For this is the Kingdom. The Kingdom within you always.

Do not search outside yourself for upliftment. There may be tools – groups, others, things, activities – that amplify your good feelings. These are created in the image of truth, as you are. But without these tools, you are the same! You are truth, even without ministers, teachers, groups, friends, family, presents, food and more. You are truth – now and forever!

Seek the truth already within you. Your being is peace, love, hope, joy, faith. All the gifts of the season are yours right now.

Ask Me, ask the Christ, to lift you to where you can know and feel these gifts. And all these things and more will be added unto you!

You are love, as I am. You are light, as I am. You are life itself, as I am. And as you believe, so you receive. As you believe and feel the truth, it becomes visible in your life on Earth.

Ask! Write a letter to the Christ in You, and it will be answered!

Bless’d be!

The Spirit of Truth

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