Shine your Light! Holiday Prize #2


In deciding what would be fun to share for the Shine your Light! Giveaway, I wanted to choose woven and musical things aligned with the positive energy of Peaceweaving. Sounds good, right? Yet I had no idea what those things would be!

Just this past weekend it hit me… Uh, do we not offer And so it Is! vol. 1? Well yes, we do!

So prize #2 is a free mp3 download of the album, notes, lyrics, instrumentation and cover art. And more than one of these might be given away!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it… 😀 Follow the guidelines in the original post (see Shine your Light! link above) and describe your favorite winter festival tradition, memory, etc.

It’s as easy as that! My intention with this and all of Peaceweaving is to expand spiritual connection for myself and all others!

Enjoy, and may you feel blessed, now and always!

2 thoughts on “Shine your Light! Holiday Prize #2

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