Last-minute Gifts

On Saturday my 5-year-old son and I finished wrapping presents. We wrapped one for another little boy, and I thought we were done. Later on, my son came to me and said, “Mommy, can’t we make something to wrap up for him?”

This goes back to before Thanksgiving, when my son asked me to make him a scarf. Of course I was thrilled – who wouldn’t be when a small boy says, “Mommy, can you weave me a scarf like yours?” I told him I would. And I did, except it took longer than the ONE NIGHT he wanted! 😀 But I did finish his scarf, complete with woven textured snowballs and pockets.

So now he was asking me if we could weave a scarf for his friend. I said sure, again glad he appreciates handmade things.

But it was so much more than that. He was so excited, just knowing we could finish the scarf in time, wanting to help warp and weave, looking forward to wrapping the present. It was my little boy’s excitement and pure intention that created that scarf.

Yes, we warped and wove together. We washed it together, and we wrapped it together. In fact, the only thing I did “by myself” was trim the fringe and weft ends. My son has been interested in weaving since I started weaving when he was 2. And this year, he felt it was important enough to have scarves for himself, his friend, and for me.

Never mind that we had 3 days to finish the scarf. Never mind that we didn’t warp until the evening of 12/22. Never mind that I thought I was running out of yarn.

I look back on it now and my thought is: Wow! I could have really sabotaged this for myself and my son! I could have gotten caught up in the last-minute gift thing, how we didn’t have enough time, how it takes handwovens a while – a long while – to dry in the cold weather, and any number of other things.

But I had no thoughts like that at all. Fortunately, I was blessed to be feeling the same excitement my son felt, and the feeling continued while we wove together.

I could have chosen to feel busy. But what fun is that? I could have felt rushed. But whom would that have served? My son could have thought I was too busy… But thankfully he felt free enough to ask me to help weave the gift.

We attended Sunday celebration at unity as we usually do, and we stayed for snacks and fellowship afterward. We read extra stories, because again, he asked for that connection.

So when did we finish the scarf? Sunday evening, with time to spare before the online celebration I wanted to watch!

When it seems you have no time, it’s time to be extra mindful of how you feel. Do you feel cramped? Rushed? Busy? Preoccupied? Fearful? Worried? Anxious? Pressured? If so, remember that you always have a choice. Find a better-feeling thought, and that will attract another and another and another… Until you feel like time is no longer an issue.

As I write this, my son sits on the floor playing. Since we finished the scarf last night, we’ve watched a movie together, played several games, helped others wrap presents, cleaned up for our party later, and even gone to bed at a “decent hour!” 😀

Time is irrelevant to me, and for this I am truly grateful!

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