“Scarborough Fair” DSE #4 #Music

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Here is the traditional English ballad, “Scarborough Fair,” played with melody on lyre, and harmony on zither. This is the fourth but not the final of my attempts to play lyre and zither at the same time, in preparation for playing a double strung harp.

As I mentioned
last week,
tuning these instruments in exact unison is very difficult, mostly due to the difference in string materials. If you have a very sensitive ear for music, I apologize for the tuning discrepancies. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy hearing the possibilities offered by having two sets of strings!

7 thoughts on ““Scarborough Fair” DSE #4 #Music

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  3. I love the music that you publish on your blog, Crystal. I featured your site today on my series, “Saturday is for Sharing,” at my Gifts of the Spirit Blog. I wanted to share this delightful song with additional readers and those who love music.


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