I’m about 6 years old, and my family and I are on a Summer camping trip. This is nothing new; I was 3 when we took our first trip. But this one is different.

I’m standing near the grill, hungrily waiting for my dad to make some burgers. To this day everything tastes better to me on the grill! But my excitement turns to pain and panic when a bee stings me, right between my fingers. I’m blind, so I don’t see it coming. The sighted kids get stung all the time anyway, but this is my initiation if you will.

I stand still, then burst into tears, clutching one hand with the other. Lunch is a little delayed while my hand is taken care of. After that it’s back to the suddenly serious business of camping. And I learn to respect bees. So small, yet so powerful!

Best camping darkens
Explosion of pain and fear
Enormous bee stings

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10 thoughts on “BEE

  1. Good thing you are not allergic! I learned to respect bees too at around 6. But I watched my dog eat one and decided it must be good if he ate it so…I keep bees and am allergic but I still keep them and miraculously have not been stung. I love the thoughts of you as a child waiting by the grill for a burger. That is such a sweet, intimate detail.

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  2. It’s nice to know that the bee sting doesn’t monopolize your memory of that time, especially considering its connection with nature. Having family experience the moment with you is an added bonus, even with the pain of the sting. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that your parents felt that bee sting as much as you did.


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