The Holy Spirit in Metaphysics: Who is it and what does it Do?

Picture this. A person without form. Not just an invisible person, because maybe we can imagine that. (H.G. Wells anyone?) This is a formless person.

Can’t picture that? Well good, because that’s not what the Holy Spirit is! In Metaphysics the Holy Spirit is not a person. It is formless of itself. It’s simply substance. In order for Holy Spirit to take form and do something, it must be instructed.

So, Holy Spirit can be said to be the Law itself. It is impersonal and formless, makes no decisions, and has no thoughts.

Mysterious, isn’t it? Aptly enough, it’s also called the Holy Ghost!

Holy Spirit is the substance, the feminine, receptive aspect of the Trinity, that simply–bear with me, ladies!–takes what it is given. It is a vessel. It carries out what it has been sent to do.

But it cannot and does not work, unless it is instructed to do so. The Holy Spirit is an inseparable partner to the Father–God-Mind which instructs it–and the Son–the idea that it is to carry out.

The Law has been called the Law of Love, and the Law of Mind. The Holy Spirit is both these things. It is Love, pure and simple. And it is Mind-substance, the stuff that is stimulated by Thought.

Holy Spirit is the Power of Father (Thought) and Son (the idea of the Father-Mind) that goes forth to manifest the idea.

The Holy Spirit is the breath that gives life to manifest ideas. This breath is sent by the Father to do “this work,” a certain thing. It is not random in its work, and indeed as has been said, Holy Spirit cannot work, cannot even exist, on its own. It is an integral, receptive and loving aspect of God.

From personal experience I know that the Holy Spirit is that feeling that descends when you need it most. If I specifically ask to be comforted, I am comforted. That comforter, as it is also called in the Bible, is the Holy Spirit. It has come because it has been asked to do something. “Holy Spirit, comfort me.” Whether or not you call upon it by this name, it is the same power of divine Love, come to offer peace.

Now picture this: A dove flying overhead. This is another symbol of the Holy Spirit. Only the purest prayer, spoken or cried out by the soul, can bring down the Holy Spirit. And it will always come, because it has been asked and welcomed.

May your relationship with God, as your own Higher Self, be enriched and deepened through the Holy Spirit!

This article is my own understanding of the Holy Spirit as applied to religious, New Thought Metaphysics. Based on this entry in Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore’s Metaphysical Bible Dictionary.

Thank you to Mark Hicks and for making the MBD and other texts freely available for study and reflection!

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