Spirit Manifest

The substance that creates the wind,
The earth, the sky, the sea,
Is manifest in everything,
Including you and me.

It is the One, the Great I Am,
The Spirit of all things.
It knows the highest good and asks;
The Law then pays It heed.

Our thoughts, attracting like in kind,
Create the world we know.
By way of the subconscious mind,
They manifest below.

The wisdom has been passed along:
We are what we believe.
What Spirit asks, the Law provides.
Our thinking is the key.

There is no wish, no fear, no hope.
Be clear and be direct!
Intend to serve the highest good,
For this is what you’ll get.

Creation is continuous,
Transcending time and space.
For Spirit, which creates all things,
Can never be erased.

The world that we experience,
Evolving in its form,
Is changed by Spirit’s conscious Thought
That’s neither dead nor born.

The all-in-all, the Universe,
The is, was and shall be,
Eternal Word of Thought and Law
Resides in you and me.

With Gratitude, with Clarity,
Just ask for what you seek.
Then trust that it will manifest,
For You’re the “powers that be!”
–And so it is!

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