Know Me Well

Whether we seek to know God, a person, or His other creations, it’s all the same: We cannot truly know, unless and until we give up preconceived expectations, ideas, and judgments.

Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

1. So you think you know me,
‘Cause you passed me on the road a time or two.
And you think you owe me
Your opinions and one version of the truth.

You try to tell my story,
But it is not yours to tell.
When you live without its trappings,
Then you can know me well.

2. So you think you love me,
‘Cause you believe I chose the perfect thing to do.
And you think you hold me
In a pretty little box filled with the proof.

3. So you think you see me,
‘Cause you recognize my body in this place.
And you think you need me
To look the same every time you see my face.

But I am writing you a story
That only you can tell.
When you live the truth inside you,
Then you shall know me well.

When you live the truth inside you,
Then you shall know me well.

You shall know me well.


Religion is full of translation
And telling us that it is so.
It’s not just an interpretation,
But set down as Law that we Know.

Theology is but ideas
To share a perception of God.
And some who subscribe to a teaching
Push anything else under sod…

Religion is full of translation
Of present and future and past.
Beyond every interpretation,
The Spirit is all that will last!

The last prompt of
is to translate a poem from a foreign language into English. Though I know other languages, I chose to write my own poem about translation, because with few exceptions, I share my own work here.

Power Struggle

I don’t like it when you push me around.
But I don’t have a problem telling my kids what to do.

I feel like a bad kid when you talk to me that way.
But I don’t mind making you mad to prove a point.

I point out your words that replay in my head.
But I let you keep saying them over and over.

Over and over I get on this ride.
I say I want off, but I keep getting in line.

I line up everything that needs to change
Like dominoes in a pretty row.

The dominoes fall to reveal the truth:
The power struggle is in my own mind!

“Mind over matter,” I tell myself.
But I think out of habit just the same.

I wear the same habit like a shield.
But it doesn’t protect me.

I am protected more deeply inside,
Beyond strife and struggle, beyond this powerful ride of fleeting life.

Because real life knows
The struggle is temporary.

The treatment is temporary, too.
And by the Power of Life within me, I treat it that way from now on!

day 28, unprompted.

Two Roads

Two roads diverged in a wood,*
Both forked and neither too good.
I took the path that I “should”
And scared, crept deep in the wood.

I heard opinions and crowds
Advising ever so loud.
I let their arguments wow
And took the way of the crowds.

Oh all the feelings they had!
In turn I also felt bad.
I feared the worn, hurt, and sad
Oh all the feelings they had!

They held a piece of my heart,
But now I’m making a start
To end the suffering part
And heal that piece of my heart!

For all the people’s advice,
They may not be very nice.
I can’t afford the high price
To buy the people’s advice!

Two roads diverged in a wood*
Both forked and neither too good.
I found the truth where I stood
And boldly trod through the wood!

*Robert Frost “The Road not Taken”

Day 25 prompt at was, write a poem using a line from another poem, and take it in a different direction. Robert Frosts first line of “The Road not Taken” inspired this poem for

Mirror of More

In the mirror I see
What I think is all me.
But illusion is there
In these eyes and this hair.
I am much more to know
Than the outside can show!
When I look and I find,
Deep within my own mind,
All the Presence of Good!
And how I wish I could
Bring reflections so sweet
To the mirror and me!
And when I go within,
This is what I begin:
To depict for the world
Spirit’s image unfurled!
Not for praise of my own,
But so others come home
To the One, true and pure,
And the Mirror of More!

Today’s prompt at is to write a poem with doubles, in the form or in imagery. This is my humble, heartfelt submission for

One Less Enabler

It’s over. I won’t enable you anymore.

There. I said it.
You don’t understand it, but I said it.
And what’s more, I meant it.

Now you can feel as you will, because you will.
And I am not uncaring –
I’m sorry you don’t understand.
I’m sorry you feel the way you do.
But that doesn’t change the fact that
It’s over, and I won’t enable you anymore.

See? I still remain, living, breathing, thinking,
Even though,
Or because?
I finally stood up
To proclaim:

It’s over! I won’t enable you anymore!
Now there’s one les enabler in the world.

Today’s prompt was to write a poem containing a line you’re afraid to write. Well, there it is! And if this is you, take heart! You are not the first, and you won’t be the last to say this! May you, too, have the courage to say it when the time comes, and to still remain kind, but firm! You don’t need to be someone’s doormat to respond positively and spiritually! Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can say is, “no.”

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Six Days

And on the 7th day God rested?
Does the Universe need a rest?
If I dared to have an opinion,
It is doubt.

I highly doubt
God needs a rest.
If God rests,
If the Universe rests,
Then vibration, creation, movement, evolution
On the dime so to speak.

And knock on wood –
The Universe is still going!

So, in my very humble opinion,
God did not rest after 6 days.

He looked at all the creations,
Contemplated them,
Truly saw them, every one!
And He said:
I am there
And there
And in that thing
And over there
And here too
And everywhere!
And it is good!

Contemplation –
Knowing something,
Knowing yourself in something,
And knowing you know,
Deep and gentle,
Still and quiet,
Just knowing…

And so God knew Himself
To be in each creation
And knew one creation
To be His own likeness,
So it could contemplate itself
And God within itself.

That last creation,
That contemplative, creative creation
Is His Child of Light –

Contemplate that!

Part of NaPoWriMo.


The Sound of Creation

He Created Them

Cinderella Consciousness – What It Is and What to Do About It

Cinderella is a victim of fate. A slave to her stepmother and stepsisters, she works from dawn to dusk and sleeps , according to the fairy tales, in a place not fit for human habitation. But, in true fairy tale fashion, a Godmother and Prince rescue her, and she lives happily ever after.

We would like to think victim hood no longer exists for humanity. Yet it does. Whether as physical bondage similar to Cinderella’s, mental and emotional abuse, or one’s own limited thoughts and beliefs, there are still many victims in this world. And as long as this world exists as we know it, there will always be victims. The only way to rid the world of victims – and by extension, victors and rescuers – is to create a new world!

Is this another fairy tale? No, but it requires inner change. Contrary to popular belief, outward changes in circumstances, relationships, and environment are only part of the package, the part we can see and measure. The real change happens in the mind. It transforms attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, and the subconscious mind. This is important, because the subconscious mind, according to its dominant state or pattern, makes at least 90% of decisions in our lives. So, even when we think we’re making a conscious decision, the subconscious is really pulling the strings. And it’s pulling old strings – it’s reliving old habits, beliefs, and patterns – and it’s doing so on our time!

If we’re going to be puppets, then we’d best serve a loving master! The subconscious mind, in its personal, limited, default state, is not that loving master. Instead, it maintains the status quo, keeps us in our (uncomfortable?) comfort zone, and makes sure we repeat old experiences, because at least it’s familiar with them and doesn’t have to stretch into the unknown.

Psychology continues to study the subconscious mind and offer tools to reframed it. These tools are helpful to many and serve a positive purpose in society. However, only a Higher Power creates lasting change. This Higher Power is not knowledge, but Love. It is Spirit, Universal Mind, Cosmic Consciousness, or God. It is a loving Master and Creator.

So, the way to create a new world and leave Cinderella’s victim consciousness behind, is to seek, find, and co-create with this Higher Power within. And indeed, It is within each one of us. We could think there is no Creator, no Spirit, no God. But is that helpful? My experience has been that those are hopeless thoughts that give us nothing to live for. First, if you haven’t already done so, recognize the ultimate, eternal, forever existence of the Higher Power. Remember that it is not sub (lower) consciousness, but Cosmic, Universal Consciousness.

When we accept God’s existence, we can connect with that same Presence and Power. We do this through meditation, prayer, communing with nature or others, music, dance, by reading uplifting material, noticing the beauty around us… It is a new way of living for most of us, a state of quiet mindfulness, yet Higher expectation, seeking the kingdom within.

Meanwhile, we still have a subconscious mind. For this reason it’s essential to meditate or otherwise connect with God daily, perhaps many times throughout the day. Eventually the subconscious will quiet, as we continually turn it over to the God-Power working through us.

Change is gradual, even though some things seem to change in a snap. This inner work is very subtle. There probably won’t be a lightning bolt experience, but you could have one! That’s not the goal, however. The goal is true, lasting change, that radiates outward and becomes visible throughout all areas of life. More than that, the goal is to connect with our True Self, Higher Presence, God-within.

When we do, we’ll notice sooner or later, that we are no longer victims. People treat us better, and more than that, we treat ourselves better. We respect others by first acknowledging and respecting what is within us. And we recognize that same Presence in other people and things.

Outward change is necessary, but not by itself. We can change our furnishings all we want. If the foundation of our home is still cracking or weak, new furnishings won’t fix it. We must work on the foundation, the framework, of our lives. In this way we get a new identity, a spiritual relationship to ourselves and others, that changes lives from the inside, outward.

This is no fairy tale, but the good, purposeful life God intends for each of us.

Sound Healing Instruments – A Mystical View

The harp, didgeridoo, singing bowls, tuning forks, and frame drums are often used in sound healing sessions. They have elements, frequencies, properties, and resonances that lend themselves to physical healing work. These instruments are relatively easy to acquire; yet a kind of magical, mystical power still seems to surround them.

Some of the practitioners I respect and admire most are sound healers and musicians – and you probably know I’m a musician myself. However, the truth comes out, despite the opinions and illusions held by teachers, gurus, and practitioners alike. And in truth, so-called sound healing instruments have no more power than the piano or acoustic guitar languishing in the corner of your living room!

If there is any power at all, it is only that those instruments are enjoyed and played by someone, and used for a positive purpose. But mystical power? No, God alone is the Presence and Power that heals! Someone playing a didgeridoo may be a healing channel. This simply means doing what anyone else would do to experience God: Getting the personal ego out of the way so that God-Power can flow through you, uncolored by human thoughts and untouched by human experiences. The didgeridoo, and you for that matter, are instruments – instruments of the Divine that already knows and plays all music.

Instruments, musical and otherwise, exist as parts of the eternal Whole. They exist so that we, in our individual manifestations of God, can hear and experience oneness in and through all ways. Just as some experience God by attending religious services and others on a nature walk, people can experience God through playing any musical instrument – or no instrument at all.

The power is in the resonance. I.e. God allows us to resonate with, or be drawn to, different instruments. We don’t all play didgeridoo, and indeed some people can’t bear to listen to one being played. However, science has documented its healing benefits. So, is it a healing instrument? For some people, yes.

But it’s just as likely that a teenage student, for instance, will experience emotional healing while playing a cheap acoustic guitar and writing songs. Healing comes in all shapes, forms, and through all instruments. Healing has one Source, God; and many paths. Music is only one modality. It may be healing to you, or you may think, “That’s a nice song,” and move on.

In the final analysis, God is all there is. All healing, power, and music is God’s, and we have the opportunity to participate in the healing, creative experience. Some of us do, with whichever instruments we are drawn to, by God’s guidance. Others choose to listen. Still other people seem not to respond to music. Yet God is at work, whether responses are documented or left in the ether.

If you are interested in sound healing, you’re entering an amazing, emerging field that is gaining scientific acceptance. But, with science comes analysis and much intellectual exercise. Exercise your spiritual gifts in this and all things, not just your mental and physical faculties. Let God guide your choice of instrument, practices, teachers, and technique. Playing an instrument, and healing work as well, is a physical experience. But it is always improved by a spiritual foundation.

Jesus said, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” May you seek the inner guidance for self-healing, and if you are called to be a healing channel for others, may you remain open to God Consciousness flowing through you always!

The Sound of 2015

Personally, this hasn’t been the greatest year I’ve experienced. Not by a long shot… My beloved brother-in-law, Kenny, passed away after a short but very intense struggle with cancer. Because we were so close and I helped care for him and the household, it was a difficult time.

But: Spiritually this year has been nothing short of wonderful! In spite of personal circumstances, every week brought a new song! There are
50 Sunday Songtime offerings,
because I started in the 3rd week of 2015. Did I always feel like writing songs? No, and if I had to do it on human strength, energy, and power – let’s just say the project, and my spirit, would have fallen flat!

But this was not a project of will or personal choice. Every song came from Spirit. Each one is a divine expression of God as I was able to perceive and express at the time. Looking back over these weeks, I realize now more than ever, that these songs were meant to lift my spirit, to draw me closer to God-within, even as they are also meant for others.

I could not have written them without daily meditation! Without inner connection, songwriting results in, well, turn on the radio, and you’ll get an earful! Spiritual, mystical songwriting can only result from a spiritual, mystical relationship with God within our own mind. I.e. becoming Christ-minded so that we can proclaim, “The father and I are one,” and “I am about my father’s business,” as Jesus did.

Having shared the personal side of Sunday Songtime, here are some of my favorites:

God Bless this Human Mess

So Pass the Cheer!

Be Lifted Up

All Because of Love

Train of Thought

Can’t Take it with You when You Go
(started just before my Nana’s passing last December)

Give Thanks Within

Time for Lettin Go

Within Dependent

Faith of Christ

Bring the Light

Cookie Song
(I haven’t made Christmas cookies since childhood, but was pressed into service this year! And that was long after the song! A premonition I didn’t recognize at the time.)

Is that all? No! Though I haven’t finished the doctoral research and dissertation I wanted to finish this year, I’ve had the opportunity to become more intuitive, more spontaneous, and more joyful and playful musically. No doubt this has, and will continue to spread into other areas of life – and may it be so! Other songs written this year, some for future release, are:

Eternal Love, a wedding/union song based on 1 Corinthians 13

Piece of Paper, a future album track

Never Just a Kiss, also a future album track

Singing Sweet, from the mp3 album
Mother Nature Sings

Happy Birth Day,
a joyful breakthrough for me personally

co-written with ~Morgan~ of BookNVolume

written in memory of my brother-in-law

There have been some poems and articles as well, mostly health-related. I’m grateful for those; however, music has been at the forefront this year, including the October/Mabon release of
Mother Nature Sings!

One of my
International Metaphysical Ministry
ordination vows is “not to let personal suffering show forth to the public that could affect your work with them.” By the Power of God, I kept this vow, and only by His Infinite love and grace!

I give thanks for the opportunities God has given and created through me, and know that whatever 2016 holds will be for the Highest Good of every one of us! And mystically speaking, it is already done!

May God’s Presence bless you and your loved ones, now and always! And may you recognize these blessings and give thanks to their Creator–and yours!