Top 5 Things I Learned from Writing Christmas Cards

This post is a big deal, not because my hand hurts from writing, but because this is the first year I’ve given Christmas cards. I know some people and families who do it every year; I’ve even received some of these cards myself. But I’ve never taken the time to choose them, write them, seal them snuggly in envelopes, put names on them, and send them out into the world to bless others. After this experience I have only one question… Why did I wait so long?

Top 5 Things I Learned from Writing Christmas Cards

5. I have more friends than I thought! And not just a few–with each card written, I thought of another one I could have written.

4. The message sent through your heart and hands is always just the right one.

3. You, unwrapped, unfiltered, undivided, are always the greatest gift!

2. Peace is tangible: You touch it every time you touch someone else.

1. The cost is minimal, while the love is priceless!

So write your Christmas or other holiday (or no holiday!) cards with joy, because that joy will return to sender many times over!

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