Lenten Mischief

For Lent we’re giving up the giving up
And sacrificing sacrifices due.
We’re pouring out the pouring of the cup,
Uncorking every cork to try the fumes.

But drinking now is not a drinking binge;
It’s taking for the taking of a rest.
For those controlling self-control to win
Have not the need to have not all the best.

So give up all your giving up I say,
But keep your learning learned, as well you should.
When breaking free at breaking of the day,
You moderate in moderation good.

Lent helps us as a fast, we fast forget,
But from the wine and wining of regret!

A Sonnet for NaPoWriMo day 14, with no disrespect to all those–myself included–who made Lenten sacrifices!

When we choose next year’s Lenten activities, let’s remember to fast from things that truly harm us, things like gossip, self-criticism, complaining, defensiveness, and other negative mental, emotional, and spiritual behaviors, as well as physical things.

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