Ideas of Love

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Valentine’s Day is upon us. Are you tired of the marketing yet? Society loves to skew our ideas of love! It’s no wonder we can’t find it – or find what we think love is. Honestly we have no clue what we’re looking for. And by not knowing, we’re missing the purpose of life, which is to love!

Romantic relationships are part of that, or at least the positive ones are. But right now especially, we overlook the love we have by searching for something else. Someone said, “Life is what happens while we’re making other plans.” And, “Man plans; God laughs.” True statements… But there is hope, and there is love, in this very moment, whether we have romance in our lives or not.

Love is infinite, eternal, and universal. That means love is yours, mine, and everyone’s. May this song, as limited as it is, remind us to snap out of it, laugh at the marketing, and have a Happy Valentine’s Day with those forms of love we already have!

This does not mean we should ignore our desire for other forms of love. In fact, ignoring it is detrimental. However, if we focus on what we don’t have, we get more negativity. By fully embracing the love in our experience, we open the door to more! And we feel better in the meantime, because we’re not living in lack. Life already loves us! Why not love it in return?

May we learn to love from the Spirit of Love that created us! And may we improve a society that believes love can be bought and sold!

Ideas of Love – Lyrics

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

Let go of your ideas of love,
And let the Father show you his!
Let go of your ideas of love,
And see the good already in your life to give you bliss.

1. Children love a pizza just as much as they love you.
They focus on the happiness it brings.
They love their bikes and friends and toys and makin’ messy things.
Kids really pick the perfect thing to do!

2. Our cats and dogs, they love to run and greet us comin’ in.
They know the fullest happiness right now.
Pets eat and play and sleep and play, and people wonder how.
But we could take a tip or two from them!

3. Love is the greatest of connections God has made in us.
It flows through all our time and breath and space.
Let’s use it everywhere we go to look in every face.
The love we give is never given up!

Let go of your ideas of love!

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