The Best we Can #SoCS #Music

Original song on ukulele, because music is a container for everything!

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1. The mind is like a fridge
That’s full of leftover containers.
We’ve got to clean them out sometime;
It’s really a no brainer.
We keep what’s good, throw out what’s bad,
Learn from the happy and the sad,
And turn the rest into the best we can.

2. If we keep keeping all the stuff
In our refrigerator,
It’ll get a little spicy, dicey,
Sooner before later.
Responsible for what we hold,
We must be mindful, daring, bold
And turn the rest into the best we can.

3. There is a Spirit deep inside
That’s waiting on our calling,
For strength that only It provides
To help us when we’re falling.
The mind is deep, the mind is vast!
So let the part that’s everlasting
Turn the rest into the best we can.

We’re not alone, and we’re not done!
Our journey’s only just begun!
So turn the rest into the best we can!
Let Spirit turn the rest into the best we can!

Written for Linda G. Hill’s
Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS Prompt: Container.

Thanks for this great prompt, Linda! It’s been a while since I’ve written a song, especially on ukulele!

Surviving Insanity #Threethingschallenge

Well, I’ve got a torch, a ticket, and a tall order: To defeat the pressures of life without getting myself locked up!

No, it’s not a midlife crisis, not an anniversary, and there will be no party or pealing bells afterward, assuming I accomplish this mission. It might all be futile in the end, anyway. Even if it works, I’ll have a cascading portion of earthy (or is it earthly?) consequences to contend with, be they positive or negative. These pale in comparison to the madness I’m living through now!

If, by the Grace of God, I do accomplish this feat, here’s what I’ll do. I’ll take out some money, buy a nice dog, find a fresh place to lay my head and play my songs, or at least spruce up the place I’ve got with some new brackets and artful decorating ideas, put on my new dancing slippers because I’ve always wanted some, and leap around my living room, grateful that I’ve survived a whole new level of insanity!

Last, but certainly not least, I’ll start blogging about the whole adventure! Oh, I think I’ve already done that!

For this week’s #Threethingschallenge Take Seven prompt at

Fall Letter to God #Poem #Music

“Wings of Autumn,” original song on zither. After the poem is the ukulele version with lyrics.

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Fall Letter to God

Dear God,

Thank you for the changing seasons!

I’m really glad the pollen count goes down in Fall,
or does it?
We really don’t know anymore,
but you do!
I’m also glad for that!

I’m so grateful for the ability,
the opportunity,
the decision,
and the courage to talk to you!

There are some things I need to say.
I dare not discuss them with my fellow humans,
because everyone is so darn touchy nowadays!
They would think I was talking about them,
when really I’m talking about myself!

Nevertheless, Thy will be done!
Every now and then,
at least once in a blue moon,
would it be too much trouble
to have a day when I’m not sizzling inside like hot lava,
feeling angry at you-know-who (not you, the human I live with),
or worse, making him angry with me
by simply expressing an opinion
that doesn’t match his?

You know
it’s not just the current world crisis
making us this way.
It’s been like this
our entire marriage!
I say that
as if we’ve been married a long time.
But it’s only been 18 months!
And every month,
every week,
every day,
sometimes every hour,
it gets worse and worse!

Is it true what he seems to think,
that marriage means always
what your partner wants,
just because he thinks it’s best?
And that
doing things this way
promotes harmony
in the relationship?

You’re heaps wiser
than either of us
will ever be!
So, I know
that you know!
Please, God!
Help me know the truth!

Am I insane?
And all the other things
he claims?
Am I

If I am,
why doesn’t he leave?
After all, he’s the one
with all the money,
whereas I have none!

So, if I were in his place,
living with someone
I thought was so terrible,
I would leave!
Not sit around
complaining about it!

Please, God!
I need help!
And I know
you already know
what I have need of
before I ask!

I call upon your
and humor
(Or is it humour?),
and whatever else you grant me,
not to change anyone else!
But to change me
as you see fit!
Make me like a babbling brook,
always moving merrily along,
never getting stuck or stagnant,
so that I may live a life,
regardless of the people in it,
that is pleasing

Thank you, God,
for your time
and Almighty attention
to this matter!

Yours Truly,


My response to Linda Kruschke’s
Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #39, Yours Truly.

Wings of Autumn on Ukulele

Enjoy the song with lyrics

Scotland the Brave #Music

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This is a traditional Highland Bagpipe tune. I played it on a small, but still loud!, practice bagpipe many years ago, as well as on pennywhistle and soprano recorder. Here it is on zither, an instrument you’re probably familiar with if you’ve been following my blog for any length of time. It’s also called a plucked psaltery or lap harp. I hope you enjoy this fun tune!

Looking for Love #Poem

The thing we think is love, is not!
It’s need that fools a foolish mind.
In time we feel constrained, confined,
As growth provides a different plot.

So fixed on love, the mind forgot
To listen with the Spirit’s ears.
If truly sought, true love appears!
We cease to cling, but open wide!
Our needs are met, but from inside.
To love another, conquer fears!

A Decima inspired by Ronovan’s post and written for this week’s challenge,
Look. This week, it’s the C rhyme line.

As you can see, I used “appears.”

The Story of the Mind #SixSentenceStories

How elastic the human mind is!

It’s changing and changeable, contracting and contractible, expanding and expandable, a true wonder of nature!

Unfortunately, it’s also elastic in its habits, obsessively returning to them, building their negativity, over and over and over again.

Just when we think we’ve dealt with an issue, moved past a hurdle, forgiven someone, conquered guilt and fear, or grown at last, we find our minds taking that same old trip down that well-traveled, all too familiar negative spiral instead, again and again and again!

What can we do about this insanity, for insanity it is, if insanity really means doing the same thing over and over and over again, but expecting different results?

We must constantly, elastically, over and over and over again, give up our minds to the Great Higher Mind, the One that changes nature, and the One that makes nature willing to change!

A little story about a huge thing, written for
Denise’s #SixSentenceStories Prompt, Elastic.

Please also read
Elastic Truth by Frank Hubeny,
which inspired this story and was written for the same prompt.

The Good Book #Poem

Book, chapter and verse,
Some quote it impressively.
Do they live the Word?

Do they live the Word?
Shakespeare, Thoreau, Emerson…
Truth from any source.

Truth from any source!
Religions choose just a few;
Some leave out the heart.

Some leave out the heart,
But it’s all we really have
To discern the truth!

This is a Shi Rensa Haiku. You can learn how to write one