Surviving Insanity #Threethingschallenge

Well, I’ve got a torch, a ticket, and a tall order: To defeat the pressures of life without getting myself locked up!

No, it’s not a midlife crisis, not an anniversary, and there will be no party or pealing bells afterward, assuming I accomplish this mission. It might all be futile in the end, anyway. Even if it works, I’ll have a cascading portion of earthy (or is it earthly?) consequences to contend with, be they positive or negative. These pale in comparison to the madness I’m living through now!

If, by the Grace of God, I do accomplish this feat, here’s what I’ll do. I’ll take out some money, buy a nice dog, find a fresh place to lay my head and play my songs, or at least spruce up the place I’ve got with some new brackets and artful decorating ideas, put on my new dancing slippers because I’ve always wanted some, and leap around my living room, grateful that I’ve survived a whole new level of insanity!

Last, but certainly not least, I’ll start blogging about the whole adventure! Oh, I think I’ve already done that!

For this week’s #Threethingschallenge Take Seven prompt at

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