Mom’s Handwoven 3-day Meta Hat


I’ve been doing a lot of weaving lately. And not just on the loom, but we’ll keep it to loom-weaving for now!

Two recent projects reminded me of Universal Truth – even when it doesn’t appear true, there is good/God in everything.

I wanted to weave a hat for my mom. Simple, right? So I searched the ‘net for patterns, found some but didn’t like some things about them, so I modified one of the patterns until I felt good about it.

I warped. I wove. Then I realized:

1. Hat fabric will not go around head.

2. Who wants knots pressing into their head?

3. How the … heck? … am I going to make a hat from this … darn? … cloth now?

Fortunately I didn’t stay in that frame of mind long! Because if I had, I would have felt angry and defeated, the cloth would have been labeled “a lost cause,” Mom would have no hat, and more likely than not, I would have given up on hat weaving forever. 😮

Through what I can only call divine intervention, I created the hat pictured here from a flat piece of cloth with un-hatlike fringes on each end. And to create the extra length so an adult’s head actually fits the hat? I added soft crocheted lace. It joined the ends, covered up the fringes, and made an embellishment – which isn’t something I often take the time to do.

My plain, useful hat went from a plain, useful idea, to a “mess,” to a warm and beautiful Winter accessory. In 3 days!

Mom came to visit yesterday, and I was thrilled to find her wearing the hat! She pronounced it warm, and the lace – which she thought would make her head cold – didn’t. So I got some pics after all. I think when I gave it to her a week ago, I was glad to be done with it!


This one is the hat, with the Meta Stripe Scarf I wove afterward. Mom left yesterday wearing both, and I freely admit I was proud. 🙂

I bet Mom’s proud too – proud that she was the one who took me to that weaving demo when I was 5 or so. That weaving demo continues to touch our lives in wonderful ways!

The Weaver’s Prayer

I meditate and pray every day. For me, meditation is listening, and prayer is talking. This affirmative, sometimes funny, and always true prayer is what came through my prayer time today. I have to say, I’m glad I actually wrote this one down, because it can be very amusing!

Oh God, I thank you for yarn! You are the yarn, You are the loom, You are everything! Heck, can I say that to You?, You are the weaver! You are Me! And I am You! And so, knowing this, I consciously adjoin myself with You, at the hip, like a Siamese cat, I mean twin, and declare: I am one with my Creator!

In this oneness, I know I can do all things that are mine to do. I know I can enjoy all things. I know I can hope all things. And I know I can believe all things. That’s what Love does. And since You are Love, that’s what You do. As I am one with You, that’s what I do, too. Love never fails. So, I never fail, because You never fail, and You are in me!

So back to the yarn, thanks for being the yarn. Thanks for being the loom. Thanks for being me, and for giving me these tools that I so enjoy using to create more manifestations of–You guessed it!–You!

God, I wonder what these manifestations create? Does a handwoven have a divine purpose? I know that it does. But I can hear people say no, it’s “just” handwoven. Or “just a scarf” or whatever it appears to be. But isn’t that the key word? Appears? Just because a handwoven object may appear as no more than what we call it, that doesn’t make that all it is.

Handwovens are You. Even though the knitters won out, because the Bible translators say, “You knit me together in my mother’s womb,” You, oh weaving God, could have just as easily, and maybe more easily, woven me together in my mother’s womb! And I bet You did, too!

So about the appearance, I do believe, with Your guidance, that each handwoven thing I have a hand in weaving, has a divine purpose all its own. It is not just my purpose for making the thing, but Your purpose for creating the thing through me. I give thanks for their purposes, for mine, and for Yours! I affirm that I will live out my purpose with Your help, making manifest Your glory. And I will do whatever is my part so that the handwovens I joyously create with You, will be their highest selves and live out their divine purpose.

For this commitment and realization, this day and every day, I give You thanks! And so it is!

Shine your Light! Prize #3

There’s just one day left to submit comments for the Shine your Light! Giveaway! Comments will be closed on the evening of January 6, 2013.

Here are the prizes:
1. Double-knit Doll
2. And so it Is! vol. 1 Mp3 Album Download

The last prize is a customized handwoven scarf, in “the spirit” – if you will – of my Spirit Reminder Scarf.

You choose 2 colors that symbolize Goddess, God, Spirit, Universe, Truth, higher consciousness, etc. to you, and also the length and width of the scarf. I weave it, including any specific positive intentions you have. Feel free to ask me for support in choosing the intentions! Then, I send it and you wear, use and enjoy it as you see fit – for anything from meditation to keeping warm to wearing as an accessory to an outfit. 🙂

You are a psycho-physical unit. So, your mind affects your body, and your body affects your mind. I believe that our clothes, tools, food and other materials also affect us with their energy. We can choose a positive effect, and that’s what I intend to do by offering this scarf.

Comment away! That’s all you need to do to win one of these prizes!

Last-minute Gifts

On Saturday my 5-year-old son and I finished wrapping presents. We wrapped one for another little boy, and I thought we were done. Later on, my son came to me and said, “Mommy, can’t we make something to wrap up for him?”

This goes back to before Thanksgiving, when my son asked me to make him a scarf. Of course I was thrilled – who wouldn’t be when a small boy says, “Mommy, can you weave me a scarf like yours?” I told him I would. And I did, except it took longer than the ONE NIGHT he wanted! 😀 But I did finish his scarf, complete with woven textured snowballs and pockets.

So now he was asking me if we could weave a scarf for his friend. I said sure, again glad he appreciates handmade things.

But it was so much more than that. He was so excited, just knowing we could finish the scarf in time, wanting to help warp and weave, looking forward to wrapping the present. It was my little boy’s excitement and pure intention that created that scarf.

Yes, we warped and wove together. We washed it together, and we wrapped it together. In fact, the only thing I did “by myself” was trim the fringe and weft ends. My son has been interested in weaving since I started weaving when he was 2. And this year, he felt it was important enough to have scarves for himself, his friend, and for me.

Never mind that we had 3 days to finish the scarf. Never mind that we didn’t warp until the evening of 12/22. Never mind that I thought I was running out of yarn.

I look back on it now and my thought is: Wow! I could have really sabotaged this for myself and my son! I could have gotten caught up in the last-minute gift thing, how we didn’t have enough time, how it takes handwovens a while – a long while – to dry in the cold weather, and any number of other things.

But I had no thoughts like that at all. Fortunately, I was blessed to be feeling the same excitement my son felt, and the feeling continued while we wove together.

I could have chosen to feel busy. But what fun is that? I could have felt rushed. But whom would that have served? My son could have thought I was too busy… But thankfully he felt free enough to ask me to help weave the gift.

We attended Sunday celebration at unity as we usually do, and we stayed for snacks and fellowship afterward. We read extra stories, because again, he asked for that connection.

So when did we finish the scarf? Sunday evening, with time to spare before the online celebration I wanted to watch!

When it seems you have no time, it’s time to be extra mindful of how you feel. Do you feel cramped? Rushed? Busy? Preoccupied? Fearful? Worried? Anxious? Pressured? If so, remember that you always have a choice. Find a better-feeling thought, and that will attract another and another and another… Until you feel like time is no longer an issue.

As I write this, my son sits on the floor playing. Since we finished the scarf last night, we’ve watched a movie together, played several games, helped others wrap presents, cleaned up for our party later, and even gone to bed at a “decent hour!” 😀

Time is irrelevant to me, and for this I am truly grateful!

Handwoven Spirit Reminder Scarf

Spirit Reminder Scarf

By now you’ve noticed my seasonal posts. Some wonderful changes are happening in my life, many of them seasonal. Here are a few brief mentions:

1. Feeling more a part of nature

2. Being more aware of colors and what they mean to me (which may or may not coincide with anyone else’s meaning and that’s ok)

3. Knowing that when I feel unsettled, I can choose a better feeling and/or know this one will pass

4. Looking forward to different eating, sleeping and waking routines

5. Appreciating nature and how my life mirrors it and vice versa

So where does this scarf come in? I’m so glad you asked! 😀

All that I’m noticing boils down to one thing: the awareness of a connection with Spirit and the desire to live in alignment with that Spirit. Call it nature, universe, Goddess, God, inner power, light, life itself, the infinite… I use all these descriptions, and you may have more! It’s that source, the thing that sustains us and that we’re made of, at the same time.

Of course, the inner awareness must manifest as visible things. This scarf is one manifestation.

Called the Spirit Reminder scarf, this is a “sign” of the connection I feel. It’s also a tool for getting back to that connection if I temporarily forget about it.

I bought the white yarn several years ago and the purple at least last year. I loved the feel of these yarns! Both are soft; the white is thin and smooth, and the purple is thick and almost fleece-like or velvety. When I bought them, I didn’t know what they would create. I didn’t care either, just enjoyed touching them.

As I’ve connected with the inner and outer seasons of life, I knew these yarns would interweave for the Spirit Reminder Scarf.

The warp (vertical yarn) is white, for pure potential. The weft (horizontal yarn) is purple, for the visible spirit and beauty of everything. Sometimes we don’t see that beauty. In fact, we may perceive the opposite. But when we shift our thoughts and feelings – then we can see something beautiful, connected and right.

Choose to see beauty in each season of your life. It feels so much better that way!

Handwoven Spa Washcloth – Clearing the Subconscious

Loopy Spa Cloth

This loopy spa washcloth seemed like a luxury to me. That’s why I wove it – it was something I wanted, and all the better because I could make it myself. A lot went into weaving this, but much more came out of it.

Tabby or plain weave is what most people think of as “weaving.” Threads travel over, under, over, under each other, interlocking to make cloth. The spa cloth is plain weave, too, but each pile loop is picked up individually.

Like the subconscious mind, the plain weave serves as a background. It’s there, but it’s not our focal point. However, if it weren’t for the plain weave foundation, there would be no loops to focus on. If one thread goes astray, losing its place in the weave, potentially the whole cloth can unravel.

Unraveling happens, or seems to happen, in our lives when a thread is out of place. Remember, these are the background threads, the subconscious. Things we don’t focus on, but that drive everything else. These are thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, memories, and assumptions. When one is out of place, meaning maybe we believe something that’s not true, the whole fabric of our lives unravels.

Maybe it unravels gradually, or just appears to have a flaw. For example, we have all the money we want, but lack the kind of relationships we desire. How can we put that thread back into place, so that it supports our focus?

This is where the spa aspect comes in. People go to a spa to relax, unwind, to be cleansed, renewed and invigorated. Using this metaphor, we can also cleanse, renew and invigorate our subconscious mind. We can gently, lovingly and easily replace the belief – the thread – that doesn’t serve us. In turn, we replace it with something that serves a fulfilling purpose.

Cleanse the background, so the focus becomes clear. Make sure the plain weave structure of your life, the supporting subconscious, is clear and bright. Prayer, meditation, fun, friendship, journaling, and spending time in nature can be valuable ways to cleanse the subconscious. Doing things we love, reading and listening to uplifting material, attending group activities like Metaphysical meetings, drum circles, energy/Reiki shares and more, are positive reinforcement as well.

My purpose here is to offer practical tools for demonstrating, that is, showing and living, the life you want. As I create this for myself, I automatically create it for you and for the world. Won’t you pick up your metaphorical or literal spa washcloth and join me in the freeing process of cleansing the subconscious to create a great, conscious and visible reality?

Handwoven Braided Bag – And a Little on Kids

Like most of my handwovens, this bag was woven on my Cricket loom. It’s a small rigid heddle loom that’s portable but very versatile. The loom and the bag can be deceptive. Both are small, but useful, fun, beautiful, and appreciated.

Lately it’s been brought to my attention that little things are under appreciated. Unfortunately, the “little things” are children. I have a child of my own and do try to appreciate him consciously. However, in some settings, “grown-ups” don’t want children around. I’ve heard, “Just put the kids in the nursery. They wouldn’t understand a spiritual message, so just keep them quiet.” Statements like these break my heart.

Children are the future of any environment. They will carry on family, community, spiritual centers, and the Earth in general. Their enthusiastic, unlimited ideas are what will zap lack consciousness out of the water for good. And I mean, literally, for good states of mind. And at present, our willingness to appreciate, serve and guide children will create their future, as well as our own.

Here is what could happen:
1. We put kids in the nursery for babysitting while the parents “stay for the message.” Elsewhere we complain about their presence, energy, noise, running around, etc. So kids (and parents) don’t want to gather there anymore. As a result, the place (spiritual center or any other) dies off as the people do, because there is no youth to sustain it.

2. We love and nurture children. Even from birth we respect their spiritual connection and guide children to maintain that connection in their own ways. We offer engaging messages and activities that grow with the children. From our loving service, we create a fulfilled and fulfilling spiritual center, where parents, children and all others who gather there, are loved, blessed and appreciated.

The questions are:
Which senario do we want to create?
Do we truly want children in our midst, or are we just giving them lipservice?
Are our words and actions toward parents and their children in line with the senario we want to create?
If not, what in our thinking needs to change to serve the highest good of all?

Children are of greater value than most people know! I don’t even know how valuable they are… But I’m willing to treat them as priceless beings.

How “grown up” is it to act as if “children should (still?) be seen and not heard?”

Appreciate the little things! The little loom, the small bag, the growing children. Because they just might have an important role to play in your very own future. And even if they don’t, appreciation is never misplaced, ever!

Handwoven Shapeshifter Bag

This bag looks like a child’s drawing of a house – a tall rectangle with a triangular top.

It started out as a long, narrow strip of woven cloth. I wove this to test a thicker warp (vertical threads) and thinner weft (horizontal threads). When it worked, I put the strip away, not knowing what to do with it at the time.

I pulled it out again when I decided to use cloth I’d already woven to make bags for Angel Days (see previous post). But how do you go from a long, narrow strip to a bag about 6″ wide and 10″ tall? Without extreme sewing that is… 😮

Enter Noreen Crone-Findlay, a wonderful weaver who is aware that she can create anything she imagines! Noreen developed a mitered loop technique that was perfect for this project.

Basically, it works like this:

1. Weave a long, narrow strip of cloth. (You’ll have dimensions if you know what it will be in the end 🙂 )

2. Tie off the weaving to keep it together, and trim fringe close to knots.

3. Sew the ends of the strip together to form a loop.

4. Lay the loop on a flat surface, and fold it outward. It will be twice as wide and half as long as the original strip, with a point at each end. (This is not as hard as it sounds, really!)

5. Sew the center seam and the top and bottom seams, securing the pointed ends. Press with hot iron.

Noreen stops here, since she created a scarf with this technique. But I continued by folding the new shape – this pointed-end fabric – in half, and sewing the side seams.

The completed bag is twice the width and 1/4 the length of the original strip – remember, that “useless test strip”?

The Shapeshifter Bag, and a patterned shawl I didn’t get a picture of before someone joyfully claimed it, are my favorite projects so far.


No matter what shape your life is in, you can create a better shape starting now! Decide to transform the past into a beautiful and useful future through your conscious thoughts, prayers, emotions, reactions, and awareness and acknowledgement of your feelings.

You can do this, because your Spirit is the One who creates all things and continues to live eternally through each one!

Shades of Consciousness Handwoven Scarf

The pinks in this scarf gradate from one shade to another. And though you probably can’t see this in the picture, the textures change too. These different shades and yarn textures interlock with the warp to create Shades of Consciousness.

“Life is consciousness” is a Metaphysical concept. Basically it’s saying that both your individual life and universal life itself are conscious, aware, and intelligent.

There are many aspects of intelligence and just as many kinds or aspects of consciousness. Like shades and textures, none is better than the others. You are, where you are, and that’s ok. It is when you acknowledge just where you are – truly becoming aware of it without judgement – that you can move forward to consciously, knowingly create the life you want.

These shades of yarn weave themselves through the standard warp. But the warp here is variegated. It is one solid texture, but the color changes now and then.

So, when you look at one shade of pink on the scarf, then move to the next time it appears, it doesn’t look exactly the same. It’s the same yarn, same shade, and same texture. But it interacts differently with the variegated warp.

Your life is like this too. You may seem to have the same experience over and over. However, it’s not exactly the same, because your consciousness is not the same all the time.

Even without realizing it, your state of mind changes from moment to moment. So if you become discouraged by repeating patterns, simply acknowledge that you’ve had this experience before. Then, knowingly, deliberately change your thoughts about it. Choose a better thought than the one you’re thinking now. As you do this, you become a different person, your mind and consciousness expand, and you react differently to the experience.

Just because you reacted in one way before, doesn’t mean you absolutely must react in the same way every time.

Life is consciousness. You are consciousness. And because you know this, you can make sure you interact with the threads of your life the way you want, to create the picture you desire.

Handwoven Perception Scarves

Take a good look at these scarves.

What is your first impression?

What thought or feeling came up when you saw them?

Do you think they took a long time to weave?

Are they well crafted?

Do you admire anything about them?

Would you buy them?

Would you wear them?

Would you give them to someone as a gift?

Does knowing I wove them bring up any thoughts about me? What “must” I be like if I’ve woven these?

Now, what if I told you these scarves were woven on a potholder loom?

Many remember those little frame looms – a square with 18 or 20 pegs on each side – that you stretched cotton loops across. Then you wove more cotton loops over-under-over-under the first ones to make a square. And if you got tired, a parent or other long-suffering adult would finish the edges for you.

How many kitchens did these squares adorn as potholders, maybe stitched together into placemats or trivets for protecting the table from hot dishes?

Are these scarves made from potholder loom woven squares inferior to my
Transformation Scarves?

Maybe, if you think the others were woven on a “real” loom. Or if you have preconceptions of what small frame looms can – and can’t – weave.

But it’s all in your perception. And therein is the whole “secret” of life: How we think of, feel about, and experience things is all a matter of our perception.

And the best part is, we can change our perceptions at any time! Feel bad? Then change your perception to one that feels better. Feel good? Great, then it can only get better.

Your perception is your responsibility. You can’t blame anyone for anything – well, you can, but that’s still just how you believe it is. Doesn’t finding something better, feel better than being stuck in blame?

I speak from experience when I say it absolutely does! But don’t take my word for it… After all, my perceptions are my own, and not yours!