Handwoven Spirit Reminder Scarf

Spirit Reminder Scarf

By now you’ve noticed my seasonal posts. Some wonderful changes are happening in my life, many of them seasonal. Here are a few brief mentions:

1. Feeling more a part of nature

2. Being more aware of colors and what they mean to me (which may or may not coincide with anyone else’s meaning and that’s ok)

3. Knowing that when I feel unsettled, I can choose a better feeling and/or know this one will pass

4. Looking forward to different eating, sleeping and waking routines

5. Appreciating nature and how my life mirrors it and vice versa

So where does this scarf come in? I’m so glad you asked! 😀

All that I’m noticing boils down to one thing: the awareness of a connection with Spirit and the desire to live in alignment with that Spirit. Call it nature, universe, Goddess, God, inner power, light, life itself, the infinite… I use all these descriptions, and you may have more! It’s that source, the thing that sustains us and that we’re made of, at the same time.

Of course, the inner awareness must manifest as visible things. This scarf is one manifestation.

Called the Spirit Reminder scarf, this is a “sign” of the connection I feel. It’s also a tool for getting back to that connection if I temporarily forget about it.

I bought the white yarn several years ago and the purple at least last year. I loved the feel of these yarns! Both are soft; the white is thin and smooth, and the purple is thick and almost fleece-like or velvety. When I bought them, I didn’t know what they would create. I didn’t care either, just enjoyed touching them.

As I’ve connected with the inner and outer seasons of life, I knew these yarns would interweave for the Spirit Reminder Scarf.

The warp (vertical yarn) is white, for pure potential. The weft (horizontal yarn) is purple, for the visible spirit and beauty of everything. Sometimes we don’t see that beauty. In fact, we may perceive the opposite. But when we shift our thoughts and feelings – then we can see something beautiful, connected and right.

Choose to see beauty in each season of your life. It feels so much better that way!


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