Whole – Spiritual Song

A reminder of Truth, for contemplation, meditation and comfort.

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar
(Tenor guitar tuning, GDAE)

Hear the voice of the One Divine Spirit,
the I Am,
the Creator,
the Lifeforce of All.
Know the Truth of the Word;
Feel it;
Speak it;
With all your being
Be it.
For it is who and what
You really are.

1. I Am one
I Am whole
I Am strong
I Am blessed
By the Word
And the Song
Into Love, Light and Peace
Flow perceptions of wrong
I Am one
I Am whole
I Am strong!

2. I am known
I am loved
I am free
I am blessed
By the Christ
Within me
For I carry the Light
With compassion and see
I am known
I am loved
I am free!

Repeat 1-2.

As you Know,
Let it be so.
And so it is!

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Earth Day Affirmations

Feel free to use these as reminders, in meditation, contemplation, or
prayer treatment,
on this Earth Day or any day.

Recognition – I recognize that I am one with God. Therefore, I am one with the creations of earth, sky, and beyond.

Meditation – Through my daily practice of meditation, I make and maintain contact with the God-Presence within me – the same God-Presence in the earth, its vegetation, rocks, animals, waters, and all lifeforms.

Guidance – Universal Consciousness or God guides me in how best to respond to and care for the earth and all that live here. I am a living, breathing manifestation of God’s Power, and this Power encourages me to be a vessel of good to the earth and its creatures.

Realization – I realize the earth plane is one of change, evolution, and movement. I respond positively and spiritually when I notice conflict, and God works through me for the highest good of all.

Release – I let go of the need to fix anything, stamp out injustice, resolve conflict, and improve from the outside. As I become more aware of God within me, I respond naturally, and outer conditions improve from within.

Gratitude – I give thanks to the Spirit of the Universe that creates and sustains all life. I see the wonder, beauty, and order of God’s design. I give thanks for this divine Will and Plan and know that it unfolds perfectly in the Mind of God.

I Am Your Child

Holy Breath, Holy Spirit, cleanse and comfort my mind, so my awareness is drawn ever toward You. Loose these things from me, o God Almighty! Lift my mind from fears, regrets, and dwelling in negativity. Send Your Holy Spirit to cleanse, comfort, console and Christ my mind, body, life, and the minds, bodies and lives of all those I have affected or touched in any way. Sublimate all hurt so it is as if it never happened and no harshness remains!

Help me to know what to say and how to respond to others. And when a relationship needs to end on any level, o God I pray You end it through me, by Your Power! For I of myself do nothing! It is You,,,,,, o Father within me, who doeth these works!

I am Your Child, so may the Christ Mind be made flesh through me!

I am Your Child, and I am one with You!

I am Your Child, and by Your Power, I am about Your business! You are ever present within me, guiding and directing my words and actions!

I am Your Child, created in Your image of Love!

I am Your Child, born to manifest Your glory!

I am Your Word made flesh!

I am free, by the Christ Mind within me, that is one with You, o Father-Mother God!

By Your Power I have overcome much and will overcome more! In Spirit I am already perfect, even as You are perfect! And this my life manifests, by Your will and work!

Thank You God! I let it be so, to me and through me, and to and through all Your creations!

And so it is!

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How Affirmations Work

Affirmations are important to spiritual practice. But it’s not because they have magical power. It’s because they give the conscious mind something to focus on, and the subconscious mind something to integrate.

Affirmations are positive, present-tense statements of universal Truth. They recognize the ultimate spiritual reality underlying all things. Affirmations don’t deny that circumstances are what they are. However, they focus on the Truth that “this” is not all there is in Life. I.e. there’s more to life than what we perceive with the physical senses.

By choosing affirmations we lift our minds to something better than what’s worrying us. Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Affirmations raise the conscious mind above problem thoughts. At the same time, they give the subconscious mind a positive truth to integrate.

It’s amazing how many untruths lurk in the subconscious! Affirmations are one tool to establish new patterns and beliefs and restore a positive mental attitude.

Sometimes affirmations alone aren’t enough. So, affirmations are often paired with denials. The denial takes power from the negative. The affirmation gives power to universal Truth.

Keep in mind that “giving power” is relative. The reality is that the Truth never lost its power. We just stopped recognizing that power in our conscious awareness. Reclaiming the power of Truth means realizing it for ourselves, and not that Truth has ever been lost.

Below are some examples of affirmations and denials.

This financial situation is not permanent. I know that the universe is ever expanding, evolving and changing. I accept this positive change in my life now.

Fear has no power over me. I am a child of the Ultimate (Spirit or God), and good is my divine birthright. I accept this good now, on all levels of my mind and being. Thank you!

Affirmations can be long or short, simple or more complex. What matters most is whether they work for you. Do they light that divine spark within you? If they don’t, they’re just not right for you. But if they speak to your heart and soul, while keeping your mind occupied, you’ve found something that will serve you well.

If these affirmations don’t work for you, and even if they do, I would encourage you to write your own. Create a quiet time and place, and go within to discover the affirmations that will remind you of the Truth when life feels overwhelming. Meditation is beyond the scope of this article, but daily meditation is important to keep in touch with the Truth of your being. Because this Truth is the source and substance of all affirmations.

The Star of Christ in You

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

1. So many sizes and shapes of all kinds,
So many candles that glimmer and shine;
One God is seeing them all in His Mind
In every shape and hue,
The star of Christ in you.

2. So many people and things to keep safe,
So many paths you could take any place;
One God eternal beyond time and space
Thru’ everything that moves,
The star of Christ in you.

3. Have you ever felt lonely and wanted to know
Some precious companion that you could show
The height and the depth of all that is so?
It’s One that looks like two,
The star of Christ in you.

The star of Christ in you.

One star,
The brightest light;
One star
In God’s sight;
One star,
Beloved Truth;
The star of Christ in you,
The star of Christ in you.


Behold, the Star!
Star – Relaxation Music

On Being Christ-minded

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.
–Philippians 2:5 (KJV)

As electrical current flows through a cord that is plugged into the outlet, let me be plugged into the Father, conduct the Holy Spirit, and be equal in mind to the anointed Christ! By the Power of God working in and through me, it is so. Amen.

I Invoke

I call upon the Spirit of All,
Welcome the Creator of Creation,
Channel the Love of Life itself,
Set upon the Universal Mind,
Cultivate the Consciousness of heart-centered Peace;
I invoke God.

From within me
And through me
God comes forth,
Making known,
And being known.

Imparting in Silence,
Seeing in Sight,
Focusing Thought,
Speaking in Word,
God invokes us,
Calling us forth,
Higher, deeper, wider…

For as we invoke God,
We are invoked by God,
Eternally one,
In Spirit,
And Voice,
Invoked by the Spirit of All.
–And so it is!

I am a Godsong

I recognize the Presence of God within me. Into this eternal Presence I direct these words.

I am a song. My voice is the melody. My words, the lyrics. My thoughts, feelings, beliefs and emotions come together to play chords. My heart beats the rhythm, keeping the time, the tempo, of my life.

Yet a song is more than the sum of its parts, and so am I. A song exists because of the Spirit of inspiration and creativity. A song is a form of self-expression, reflecting its creator. This is also true of me: I am a reflection of my Creator, God.

Limitations are illusions of the personal ego, just like a “bad” song. Every song, like every person, is perfect. God does not judge, only loves. For God is Love. And Love is Music.

In oneness with God, I love the song that I am. And as a co-creator with God, I compose my lifesong from Love. In turn, I love the song of my life.

God is Love; Love is Music, and I am a Godsong. For this realization I give thanks. I let it be so. And so it is!

Tune In!

I realize this song isn’t very meditative. 🙂 But it can remind us to connect to our true, inner nature through meditation. And with its upbeat tempo, it can help us snap out of negativity. And how do you think I know this…?

Tune In! – Lyrics

Instrument: Concert Flea ukulele

Tune in, tune up
To the Spirit in your heart.
Listen in, listen up
So you play the perfect part.
May the notes that bring you harmony
In body, mind and soul
Be the music of the Spirit
That is yours, and yours alone!

1. Composers of all music
Create the best they can.
‘Cause different tastes and instruments
Are in the higher plan!

2. The spark of inspiration
Flows through us all, by far.
When we connect we all reflect
God’s image that we are!
We gotta

3. ‘Cause if we were all the same,
the world would be a lifeless place!
Beloved in God’s eyes,
He made us all unique by grace!

We tune in, tune up
To the Spirit in our hearts.
Listen in, listen up
So we play the perfect part.
Then the notes that bring our harmony
In body, mind and soul
Are the music of the Spirit
That is ours, ours, and ours alone!


Tune up and Fanfare: Playing Life in Tune
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