Darktober #Poem

The darkness of the womb I could not stand!
I came three months too early, so they said.
It wasn’t part of anybody’s plan,
Except my own for newborn wings to spread!

I heard much more than most, but could not see.
The darkness of this world I know so well!
They sent me to another family
Wherein the story of my life to tell.

It’s not all dark and dreary, though each year
I feel the light is fading from my mind.
And when my birthday comes, I have no cheer,
For though I cannot see, I am not blind!

I see the hell and hatred of this world
And people feeding into it in droves.
It’s like a battle banner is unfurled.
We truly are the same, yet no one knows…

I’m only one, and one I’ll ever be.
I cannot save another soul at all.
But if, somehow, I find the Light in me,
Then someone else may stumble, but not fall.

I have my music, comforting and sweet,
To keep my mind from reeling in the dark.
And books have always been for me a treat,
An inspiration showing me a spark.

I’d like to think, by sharing who I am,
I could inspire another just the same.
Though heartache brings the tears and bursting dam,
There’s still the Light, and Light is still aflame!

Therefore, I do not ask the dark to go,
For night has all the right of every day.
I only ask, God, through the darkness show
The next step on the path that is my way.

October can be dark and cold and drear!
But by the blaze of Spirit, Light is here!

My true life story, told as a dark October theme ballad for
dVerse Poetics.

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