Spirit of Music

I loved her even before I saw her, heard her, held her in my arms. Sure, it was because I met one like her, an older, more imposing, different one, just similar enough to help me name what I was looking for.

Yet I had to wait. Money was one problem; time was another. I didn’t have the right amount of either. But she waited, too, and I saved. When at last money and time came together, I called her, sight unseen, sound unheard.

When that one special, rightly chosen ukulele came into my open hands, my open heart responded. She is Brio, meaning spirit, enthusiasm, animation, dynamism (I like that!), verve. And with that Spirit, we create beautiful music together.

Love is the Lifeforce
Demanding seasons align
Waiting turns to bliss

Today Toni tends the pub at
presenting the task of composing a romantic haibun. There are 2 things I consciously hesitate to do here… 1) I try not to write much Japanese poetry like haiku or haibun, because I feel mine always fall short. 2) Romance? Uh, no. But I could not in good conscience totally blow off the prompt, especially not after reading the other poets’ beautiful contributions! And so, with trembling fingers I offer up the closest thing to romance I can muster. I hope it’s not too cheesy. 😮

And have a listen to Brio,
’cause the music flows freely around here!

14 thoughts on “Spirit of Music

  1. Not cheesy at all, but very beautiful and indeed romantic. At first it’s intriguing. By the time you say ‘ukelele’ there is an easy rightness about this revelation. And the way you tell us about her name – it’s clearly the perfect name for your perfect instrument. I loved reading this.


    • OMG and then I went and had a listen, as invited – to ‘Feel Like Hell’, which put me in Heaven! Beautiful instrument yes, and beautiful voice to go with it, and beautifully written song. Altogether a gorgeous treat; you totally uplifted me and I’ll be back for more.


  2. Indeed romance can be other than love between two people. At first I thought you were describing a lesbian relationship but when the ukelele came into view I understood your haibun perfectly. Relationship with music is so pure.


  3. Not being one to judge any kind of relationship (except the dysfunctional ones and then they ain’t my business), I was intrigued. And then….Brio!!! Bravo. thank you for the listen. No wonder you fell in love.


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