Blue Vibrations

Blue is my favorite color,
Though I really can’t say why.

I’ve never seen the ocean,
The flowers or the sky,
The hue of sweetest berries,
Or my child’s sparkling eyes.

But blue’s my favorite color,
And maybe I know why:

The peace of its vibration,
The healing it provides,
The grace so all-embracing,
A deeper touch than sight.

O blue’s my favorite color,
A blessing of the Light!

Bryan’s “Awaken us to the Blue,”
this poem didn’t come immediately. I do love blue and always have. But no, I’ve never seen it. So, that got me wondering how I can say it’s my favorite color. Here you go,
written for
dVerse Poetics.

13 thoughts on “Blue Vibrations

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. You’ve brought an entirely different insight into “feeling blue.” The sense of blue — beautifully written. And yes – to see a child’s sparkling eyes is truly a gift we parents and grandparents take too much for granted. I now want to see more deeply and feel beauty as well. Thank you for that!


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