Spirit of Music

I loved her even before I saw her, heard her, held her in my arms. Sure, it was because I met one like her, an older, more imposing, different one, just similar enough to help me name what I was looking for.

Yet I had to wait. Money was one problem; time was another. I didn’t have the right amount of either. But she waited, too, and I saved. When at last money and time came together, I called her, sight unseen, sound unheard.

When that one special, rightly chosen ukulele came into my open hands, my open heart responded. She is Brio, meaning spirit, enthusiasm, animation, dynamism (I like that!), verve. And with that Spirit, we create beautiful music together.

Love is the Lifeforce
Demanding seasons align
Waiting turns to bliss

Today Toni tends the pub at
presenting the task of composing a romantic haibun. There are 2 things I consciously hesitate to do here… 1) I try not to write much Japanese poetry like haiku or haibun, because I feel mine always fall short. 2) Romance? Uh, no. But I could not in good conscience totally blow off the prompt, especially not after reading the other poets’ beautiful contributions! And so, with trembling fingers I offer up the closest thing to romance I can muster. I hope it’s not too cheesy. 😮

And have a listen to Brio,
’cause the music flows freely around here!

14 thoughts on “Spirit of Music

  1. sMiles.. i would rather
    Love a piano.. a guitar
    or sure.. a Ukulele too..
    than a car.. a house or
    a set of clothes.. as the strings
    are simply extensions of vocal chords
    that are inherent instruments of human
    emoTions.. and in those extensions of our Emotions
    as vocal chords longer and tighter and softer too..
    we SinG more of the humanity of connection
    in moving creating ways
    thaN we could.. do.. at
    least many of us.. particularly
    those who are too tone deaf to
    sing on key.. and can do the
    Emotions in paint by
    i was blessed
    with perfect pitch..
    need no form or sheet
    music of poEtry as my
    fingers sing no different
    with words on keyboard..
    of human heart..
    some folks don’t understand
    that wysiwyg of mY heArt.. spiRit
    and soUL unleashed and released
    from a pitch that fell from choirs of
    angels and saints.. to the darkest
    oiled tar bird
    no longer
    as eYes
    oF SonG..
    So.. i SinG.. so i
    SinG on the
    SonG oF
    mY soUL
    approaching 4 million
    words now my friEnd with
    only a degree of Love that
    never ever ends or conforms
    to sheet music of Before.. noW..

    SonG oF mY SoUL
    and iSREAL..:)


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