Divine Guidance Positive Prayer Poem

Use this positive, effective prayer when you desire guidance of any kind.

Though all guidance comes from within yourself, your mind, feelings and circumstances can block you from hearing the truth you already know.

Prayers, affirmations, poems and meditations like this all-in-one help get past the surface, down deep to the truth. This highest truth will never fail you, never lead you astray, and is always within you.

All you need to do is ask, then listen for the answer. It may come as a feeling, imagined words, images, someone physically saying something to you throughout your day, or in any number of ways. It doesn’t need to be a lightning bolt… Just be open to the guidance you asked for, and unattached to how you receive it.

Prayer for Divine Guidance

You, the knower of all things,
Source and substance, guiding star,
I unite my mind with you;
I am wisdom as you are.

Quietly I listen now,
Hearing in me perfect truth.
I receive the word I seek,
Thinking now at one with you.

When to speak and what to say,
All of this I clearly see.
Where to go along my way,
Everything is here in me.

Lovingly I now release
All confusion, fear and doubt.
They are gone and I’m at peace,
Knowing what to carry out.

Thank you, bless-ed voice of all,
Loving, knowing, guiding light,
Flowing like a waterfall,
Never ending, day or night.

I have asked and I receive
That which I have sought to know.
I release this into law,
Where it manifests and flows.

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