Tune up and Fanfare: Playing Life in Tune

All religions fundamentally teach the same thing:

Treat others the way you want to be treated. You reap what you sew. What you give, you receive in return.

The Law of Attraction, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Wicca, Judaism – and these are just some world religions – each one has its way of teaching that like attracts like.

Tuning an instrument is a good example. Now stay with me here…

You choose another instrument, an electronic tuner, a tuning fork, or your own sense of “perfect” (absolute) pitch as a tool. That tool gives out a vibration of the note you need to tune your instrument. Using that vibration as a guide, you tune your instrument, and forever play in peace and harmony… I mean in tune.

We are no different. As spiritual beings living in a human world, we forget what our tools are sometimes – awareness, feelings, intuition. But we have them, and they put out vibrations. We can choose to tune our thoughts, emotions, words, actions and reactions with those positive vibrations. If we do, we play in tune. If not, we create, by our own choice, discord.

Are you playing in tune today? No matter what you did yesterday, you can always choose to be in tune today. And even if you woke up discordant this morning, you can be in tune now.

There’s a reason why the piece is called Tune up and Fanfare… Because when we’re tuned up, it creates beautiful, triumphant, exciting music. This is the symphony of your own life, with all your parts in tune with the universal mind and spirit.

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