Free – Meditation Affirmation Poem

Harp meditation and prayer-poem to feel and live as free as you already are in Spirit.

Inspired by
Daily Word
for October 28, 2010: Free.

I recorded the harp outside, and you will hear a child’s laughter and maybe other sounds. I left them in because they brought me joy.


God the good is all there is,
The one and only cause,
The peaceful, perfect freedom
Extended to us all.

I am within that freedom.
It is my very soul,
The brightest light of being
As me is pure and whole.

I realize my freedom
From this one earthly plain.
I’m in it but not of it,
For Spirit in me reigns.

Releasing lower ties now,
I’m bound to nothing more
Than Spirit’s freeing likeness
That pulses at my core.

I know this glorious freedom
To be my essence whole,
And so, in grateful peace and love,
I give up all control.

I float among the beings
That live on earth with me
And demonstrate that love
And truth will set us free.
And so it is, namaste!

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One thought on “Free – Meditation Affirmation Poem

  1. Reblogged this on Rev. Crystal and commented:
    In July many countries celebrate independence and freedom. True freedom is a spiritual quality and a divine right that belongs to each of us. May we remember this and daily reconnect with our innate, inner freedom!


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