Blessed Independence

In the United States today, we celebrate our independence. But how independent are we? The following questions are meant for personal reflection. Because only when we reflect personally can we accurately reflect on our country, and our world. Fortunately, it follows that when we have personal realizations, Ah! Ha! moments, and positive changes within ourselves, they also come to fruition in our world… Even if they don’t seem to!

Take a few moments to answer these questions for yourself. Answer intuitively – don’t “think” about the answer. These immediate answers, your very first thoughts about the question, are the answers that are really true for you.

1. Are you free? Or are you in bondage?

2. Do you feel free? Or is something holding you back from being who and what you desire?

3. Are you independent? Do you consciously, knowingly express your free will and ability to choose what you want? Or do you choose things unconsciously, or because others think you should?

4. How does it feel to be truly free?

5. Is freedom a gift? Why?

6. Do you celebrate your freedom? Or has it lost its luster? Why?

7. If you knew you were free in every way, how would you feel? What would you do? Who would be in your life? What kind of life experiences would you desire?

8. What can you do to make freedom a personal reality in your life?

Some ideas:
* Positive affirmations
* Visualization of the life you deserve
* Lovingly releasing what you don’t need in your life
* Accepting that, yes, you do deserve only good in your life
* Overcoming guilt
* Giving yourself love and being willing to receive it from yourself, rather than the approval of others

Don’t you think it’s time to make true freedom a reality? If so, then start with yourself, because yours is the only life you have the power to create. And what you create in your life, moves outward from you and touches the world around you.

Create discord, and you share discord. But create freedom, and you share a priceless blessing that, in its purest form, not the definitions we give it, can never be taken from you or anyone else.

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