Mingling Moonlit Thoughts #Poem #Meditation

Download “Mingling Moonlit Thoughts” Mp3

Your day is done. It’s time to rest
And heal from any pain or stress.
While all the positive you keep,
Let go of negativity.

Those thoughts that prey upon your mind…
It’s time to leave them all behind.
Release each one like a balloon—
Away! To mingle with the Moon!

Her Light is bright and peaceful too,
Transforming thoughts… Transforming you!
So welcome Her within to shine
And free you from the thoughts that bind.

Tomorrow is another day;
Tonight you dream and sail away…
Go anywhere you wish and more;
You are the key… You are the door!

When you awake from deepest rest,
You feel renewed to do your best.
Embrace your sleep that plays a part,
And keep your dreaming near your heart!

Your dreams fly higher than balloons
To mingle with the Earth and Moon.
They heal you, even as you sleep,
And help your purpose fast to keep.

From healing night to helping day,
Allow your thoughts to sail away…

Written for Eugi’s mingle prompt and recorded with Zaphir Blue Moon/Winter chime.

3 thoughts on “Mingling Moonlit Thoughts #Poem #Meditation

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