Music, Elemental #Music #Poem

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I wrote this
7 years ago to the day, on May 17, 2014. I didn’t realize that until just now!

This reading is with Koshi chimes. These are beautiful handmade chimes from France that correspond to the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. They can be used as windchimes, but they are not made with tubes of various lengths suspended from their own cords.

Instead, there is one resonance cylinder, slightly larger than a soda can. There is a cord welded into the top to hold or hang the chime. Then, inside are small, round metal bars of different lengths that create the 8 notes of each tuning.

There is a clapper–I don’t know what else to call it–that hangs freely in the middle of the tube. This is what plays the notes as you move the chime. It’s a really interesting design!

These chimes are lovely to simply listen to, but also great for meditation or, in this case, reading poetry.

I play the chimes in the following order, according to the lines/mood of the poem:
Terra (Earth)
Aqua (Water)
Ignis (Fire)
Aria (Air)
Ignis (Fire)
Aria (Air)
Aqua (Water)
Ignis (Fire)

I really enjoy the Koshi Chimes and hope you enjoy this reading!

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