Talking Talents #Poem #Writephoto

As the ghost of the dawn filled the sky,
Forest animals gathered nearby.
All the birds and the bees
Filled awakening trees,
And the lion called, “Business!” with pride.

“It is time! We shall stage a defense,
Because none of these humans make sense!
They have relished their hate
And destroyed what God made…
We must help better futures commence!”

Came a gurgle from whirlpools of fish,
“No, they never do act as we wish.
So now why would they hear
When they haven’t for years?
Said the turtle doves, “Hope is our gift!”

“We cannot send a parchment with words,
But could sing them a message–we’re birds.”
“Or a web thin as gauze?
Could that further our cause?”
Asked the spider, who, spinning, still heard.

“I have thought of a plan; let me know
If you think it might work, and if so,
We will send him out soon,
For there’s no time to lose.
We must act, or the hardship will grow!”

“I am on pins and needles,” said Deer.
“We must do something; that is quite clear.
Tell us now what you think;
After all, you’re our King,
And you rule with compassion, not fear.”

Bear chimed in, “Share the plan in your thoughts!
Tell us! Surely, it’s better than naught!”
“We can send the crow out,
For his voice is so loud.
They won’t like it, but that’s as they ought!”

It was Crow who then strongly agreed.
“Yes, perhaps I am just what they need!
Since God gave me this voice,
I’ll proclaim there’s a choice!”
And the animals cheered and believed.

Indeed, Crow was appointed to tell
Of the moral we know very well:
That our Earth we must love
Just as Heaven above,
For destruction creates only hell!

And another great moral is there:
Of our talents we must be aware!
We must use them for good;
They are gifts, and we should,
Bringing hope unto those in despair.

An extended Limerick written for Linda Kruschke’s
Fun with Fables and Paint Chips Prompt
and Sue Vincent’s
Thursday #Writephoto Prompt: Appointed.

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