Into the Waves #Writephoto #Poem

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I’m running from the rushing waves
Of angry, stormy seas.
I have no ship or lighthouse,
Just fear surrounding me.

But then a small voice whispers;
I hear above the waves,
“Peace, be still,” and strangely,
It ebbs the fear away.

The Spirit is inside me.
No, I am not alone,
No matter what my life may bring,
Wherever I may roam.

I’m heartened by the still, small voice
Of wisdom, love, and light
That guides me ever onward
Through the raging storms of life.

I’m running to the glistening waves
With courage in my soul.
The sea belongs to Spirit, too,
A thought that makes me bold.

I need no ship or lighthouse;
The Light is mine to share.
It radiates within me
As the Spirit’s loving care.

When seas are rough and ragged,
When hope cannot be found,
When minds give up and seek the Light,
Then “Peace, be still” abounds!

Written for Sue Vincent’s
#Writephoto Prompt, Glisten.

Peace, Be Still

Original Song on Ukulele

This song is from the album, “Mother Nature Sings.”
Click here for a free download.

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