Simple Blessing

To me, this song is a blessing in itself! I wrote the music on ukulele in 2010 or earlier. It didn’t have lyrics then, but I enjoyed the instrumental. I played it on Celtic harp,
posted here
with a poem in 2013, but still no lyrics. This week the lyrics came together; it took no time and little thought. So on ukulele as written, enjoy the song, Simple Blessing.

Simple Blessing – Lyrics

1. Blessings in life are the simplest of things,
Warmth in the Winter and breezes in Spring,
Summer of fruit, good and plenty for all,
Veggies and grain come to harvest in Fall.

2. Waking each morning and sleeping at night,
Being in darkness and seeing the Light,
Feeling the Presence of God through the year,
Struggles and sorrows, they all disappear.

When we give a smile, and hear the voice of a child,
When we look and see possibility,
With an open mind, we can’t help but find
We are planting the seeds for a blessing to be!

3. Blessings in life are the simplest of things,
Feeling the joy a beginning can bring,
Spending some time looking back at the end
To celebrate life as it circles again.

4. The words that we say and the things that we do,
Each thought we hold onto is planting our truth.
Sow every seed with a gardener’s care;
Water and nurture the goodness you share.

May we plant Heaven’s seeds for a blessing to be!


Daily Blessing

Evening Blessing

Blessings Be upon You


Allow – The Blessing Song

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