IWalk this Floor

I walk this floor and cannot see.
So please don’t walk in front of me!

I ask and ask, but to and fro,
My path is still the way they go.

Perhaps I need to wear a sign:
Those feet are yours, and these are mine.

And if they cross, we both go down.
I walk this floor, so walk around!

Oh be ye person, dog or foul,
Please find another place to prowl.

This house is big enough, you see.
I walk this floor. So let me be!

Remember as you end your day,
The vacuum has a place to stay.

And put things back where they belong
Before the nighttime comes along.

If one dark night the power goes,
You’ll need a torch or lantern’s glow.

And you will have to ask me where.
I just might find them, if I care.

I live here too, not having sight.
But I’m not giving up my rights.

You see the people, pets and more.
But don’t forget: I walk this floor!

This poem is true. It’s funny, unless you’re the one tripping over, colliding with, banging into, knocking over, or otherwise having unpleasant encounters with people, pets, and assorted obstacles–not in an unfamiliar place, but at home. It’s not what I usually write, as I don’t like to dwell on these things. But sooner or later, everything must come to light! Please remember, whomever you meet in your daily life, show some (un)common human respect for them!

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dVerse OpenLinkNight #196

9 thoughts on “IWalk this Floor

  1. I’ve spent so much of my life there! Sometimes it feels constant, people knocking into me or me into them…and why am I always compelled to say “sorry!” even when the other person came barging into me?


  2. Funny how we take this gift of sight for granted but respect must given to everyone ~ Here in the subway, everyone is polite to the blind person and someone always help them around ~


  3. This makes a lot of sense, especially the part about moving things when someone expects them to be in a certain place.

    “Those feet are yours, and these are mine.
    And if they cross, we both go down.
    I walk this floor, so walk around!” … This is my favorite part.


  4. For sure, it must be difficult to walk sightless. I saw a man yesterday walking into Walmart who was blind. he had his can and was feeling around the displays in front of him. Someone had dropped him off. I wondered who would do that


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