Mistaken Mistakes

I didn’t know he was coming
Until it was too late to wonder
Whether I wanted him.

The ultrasound picture of a baby boy sealed the deal:
Yes, I wanted him.

I didn’t know it was time
Until it was too late to be afraid
And go anywhere else.

So, the bathtub was his birthplace,
And I was not afraid.

I didn’t know what would happen
Until it was too late to change
The court’s final decision.

Someone decided I should be the weekend mom,
And everything changed.

But I didn’t know it was time
Until it was too late to stop
Learning, writing, giving, moving.

I learn from others and myself;
I give my best in service to All.

So if something good comes out of it,
Is anything really a mistake?
Or just mistaken?

Written for the “mistakes” prompt at

I wasn’t going to post this, because it feels very personal. But it gives me courage to know I’m not the only one. My son, my divorce are not just mine; others have them and relate to them. Maybe this will help someone.


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