Four Steps to “Be Here Now”

This is the day the LORD has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it. –Psalm 118:24

This day, this moment, is new! We’ve never been here before, and we’ll never be here again! TO make the most of this moment, this day, this week, this year, there are some steps we can take to truly “be here now.”

1. Recognize God’s presence.

You can call it God, Universal Consciousness, Spirit, Shekhina, Allah, Goddess, or anything else you like. But recognize it. Acknowledge it for what it is–Creator, Source, Life. It is what creates all things, what all things are made of, and what makes all things “tick.” Recognize that; know it within yourself, and make it real to you.

2. Declare it within you.

Proclaim and affirm that this Presence of All-There-Is, exists within you. Why wouldn’t it? You just recognized that it is within all things. Yet somehow we’re good at saying, “But not within me…” This is total falsehood and spiritual foolishness! That Presence, that Great Spirit, is as much within you as within anything else. It’s not just for the Chosen Few. It’s for each Chosen One, and that would be you! Affirm that God is within you. Make that declaration, and make it confidently.

3. Identify ultimate reality.

Invoke spiritual reality from within yourself. This means letting go of appearances, outward conditions, and negative thoughts. It means going beyond these things–which is why we call this metaphysics. “Meta” meaning beyond; “physics” meaning physics itself, or physical existence. Guide your own mind beyond appearances, and identify your True Self. In spiritual reality you are whole on all levels of your being. You are love, peace, happiness, abundance; you are all good. Stay with this until it becomes real to you.

4. Accept the healing of your mind.

Now, receive! You’ve asked for something from the Universe. It would be counter-productive and spiritually rude to turn it away! So, consciously accept this oneness and wholeness as your new life. Give thanks that it’s already real in Universal Mind, and that it’s manifesting in your life now.

This process is many things. It is the steps in metaphysical prayer treatment or affirmative prayer. It’s also a way to give up the personal ego. The part of us that fears, doubts, worries, and is generally negative, is sublimated or taken over, by the Higher Mind within us. This is not a painful thing! It’s joyful! But it must be done at least once daily.

Take these simple steps. Meditate and pray with oneness as your goal–at-one-ment with the Mind of God. And they become so integrated that you live in a state of oneness more and more of the time.

Negative trends happen. It’s how we respond to them that’s important. Train your mind to respond with these steps, or whatever resonates with you. The result is that negative trends don’t last as long, and positiveness is your dominant state.

“Now may you be blessed,
May you always feel whole,
Fulfilling the purpose
That’s deep in your Soul.
–And so it is!”
–from “Harp and Drum”

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