Keeping Your Own Council

I just read a wonderful post called He Who Goes To A Medium Must Go With A Clean Inner Life! I fully agree with the conclusion stated in the title. If you’re going to visit a medium, psychic, or other healer, reader or even a minister, you must have a clean inner life. Otherwise, any message you receive could be distorted by inner thoughts, beliefs, and subconscious patterns (I call it goo) that haven’t been sublimated.

But what is sublimation, and what does it have to do with keeping your own council? Sublimation means allowing negativity of any kind, on any level of being, to be overcome by the Higher Mind within. It means raising your consciousness above the level where currently, you see a problem. And truly, keeping your own council is the best way to do this.

Are you feeling fearful, inadequate, let down or negative now? If you are, there is good news. These feelings come from the personal ego, and the personal ego is, above all, what must be sublimated by the Spirit within, that is our true nature. And the Spirit within is what you seek when you keep your own council. It is not the ego’s council, which is like asking for someone else’s opinion. It is true knowing, and who wouldn’t want that kind of council?

No medium, psychic, teacher or other guide whom you visit with your outer senses can tell you what is best for your life. They can, however, be tools for the Higher, Universal or God-Mind to speak to you. But only when the personal ego is out of the way, can you truly hear that guidance.

It is not guidance just because it comes from this channel or that spiritualist or the medium you saw on television! It’s guidance when it comes from the Mind of God! This Mind is within you and everyone, always. And the best thing you can do to improve your life on all levels, is to establish and keep contact with that Mind.

This is accomplished through meditation. Not meditation once or twice a week, or when you have nothing better to do. But daily meditation and/or prayer, expressing the desire to live from the Higher Mind that is one with all things, and not from the personal ego. By entering into this type of meditation, you will really experience God-Mind for yourself. You can read about someone else’s meditation experience, but it means nothing to you. Only your own personal contact will show you, beyond thought and experience itself, when you have made contact with Universal Intelligence.

You can respect those who serve as psychics, mediums, teachers, readers, healers and other channels! Above all though, seek first the Higher Mind (or Kingdom of Heaven) at the core of your own mind and being. If after that, guidance comes through a medium, a friend, or even a child, that guidance is real. And the person who serves as messenger has been a tool to bring it to your outer senses.

In every case, the thanks, glory and appreciation go to the God-Mind. So yes, thank the person who has provided service. And go beyond that, thanking the Cosmic Consciousness within you, within that person, and within all things.

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