Treatment for Love

Treatment to sublimate feelings of anger with those of true, divine Love

You are a divine being whose true nature is love.

You came from love, were created out of love, are made of love, and can experience love now.

You are one with love. You are one with permanent, unchanging, transcendent love, now and always, in this eternal moment that is your life. Through this love, you live. Within this love, you move and have your being. As love, you came forth as a human person. And in love you can choose to live, aware now of your divine nature.

May the Light of Love surround, enfold and guide you in every action, word, thought and experience of this, your life on earth.

May you feel blessed, and loved always.

May you let it be so, believing in the all-seeing, all-knowing, ever-present Power of divine Love. For as you allow it to be so, so it is.

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