Throat full of Song: Communication Prayer

This is a stream of consciousness piece. Notice how it starts focusing on what I don’t want – a tight throat and the inability to speak. A feeling that I can’t speak because what will others think?

Then, it moves into what I do want – a clear throat.

Finally, the flow moves to how it feels to be free, able to speak, and connect with others.

This is affirmative prayer. It must start somewhere, and the only place to start is where we are. Here, it starts with pain that is physical, but over all, emotional. But as long as we move from that consciousness of pain and victimhood, it’s all good!

May this prayer facilitate your own shift in consciousness, whether about the words you speak, or anything else.

Metaphysical Communication Affirmative Prayer

What can I say about words? I can’t, because I have no words to say. SO how can I say anything? Or how can I say something? What I mean is, how can I speak, how can I bring myself to speak? I don’t even know what it is I need to say. What would be healthy? What would serve my highest good?

And when I figure it out, how can I say it? I feel so tight. So closed. But at the same time, I know I need to speak. Well, I know I need to speak because if I don’t, this tight feeling will stick around. And I don’t want that.

What I want is a free-feeling throat, open, a vessel of cummunication. An empty vessel, through which all things flow that are good, true, and so on. I listen with this free and clear throat center, and I speak from it. Free and clear, open and honest, firm and gentle. Not worrying, not wondering what others will think if I speak or if I don’t.

My throat is open; with love, I affirm this now. And as far as finding out what to speak, that comes from intuition, from the great power within. All beauty, light, love, peace and joy come from this powerful source. And I affirm now, in perfect peace, that that source, is my source. I accept and receive all that is good from source, that is only good.

My words flow effortlessly. I listen effortlessly. I love unconditionally, and I enjoy life. All communication flows unimpeded through me, and I revel in gratitude as I connect with myself and others. And so it is!

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