ZPoint: 4 Parts to Inner Peace

ZPoint is a simple and effective healing and clearing process. It has 4 main components that are described below.

1. ZPoint clearing program.

Also called a cleansing or healing program, this is just a set of action statements. The first time you use ZPoint, you will either read them, or they will be read on your behalf. Both ways are equally effective. The ZPoint clearing program is completely benign and is the basis of the process. It tells everything else how to work together. You only need to read or hear it once, and it will stay with your subconscious mind forever. This is the part of your mind that stores dreams, past events, memories, beliefs and more.

2. ZPoint cue word.

The cue word triggers the healing program to work. Like a light switch, it turns the program on. You can use any word as your cue, or change it any time. However, we recommend a word that doesn’t evoke an emotional response. Some good words are yes, thank you, and peace.

3. ZPoint releasing circle.

ZPoint requires an imaginary circle. Also called a clearing circle, you can visualize it as a well, a pot, a hole, a bubble, or anything else. The releasing circle is simply a tool, where you intend (put or imagine) the feeling you want to clear.

4. ZPoint clearing statements.

Clearing statements bring up things in the subconscious mind. One is, “I clear all the ways I feel that feeling.” “That feeling” is the feeling you intended into the releasing circle. Your subconscious mind is smart, and it’s your servant. When you tell it to clear all the ways, it does so, without question.

There are several clearing statements in ZPoint. All are designed to reach every aspect of a feeling, issue, circumstance, relationship, and anything else you put into the releasing circle.

ZPoint releases the need to be specific about what you’re clearing. With some other processes, you need to choose specific events or memories and clear their emotional charge individually. But ZPoint is so open-ended that it works well with general clearings. These general clearings of “that feeling” are just as effective as a specific clearing of, for instance, “my 18th birthday party” would be.

Your only job in ZPoint, after you fill the releasing circle, is to repeat your cue word. Is it simple? Yes! Is it repetitive? Yes! But does it work? Yes, try it for yourself!

For more information about the ZPoint process, visit Grant Connolly’s ZPoint for Peace website at

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