“The Secret in the Stone” #Writephoto #Meditation

Download “The Secret in the Stone” Meditation with Double Strung Harp Mp3

Approximate length: 5 minutes

Come! Enter the realm of mystery,
Where Truth is revealed to those who seek,
Perhaps not with eyes, but through sensing and feel;
It’s the wisdom to know your important and real.

Where you’ll surely be given that for which you ask
Toward fulfilling your purpose and passing life’s tasks.
Take a look at the stone, in this place, in your mind,
And uncover the message your Spirit can find.

Do not worry or fret; it is written for you!
There’s no wrong way to hear it, whatever you do.
You might read it or sense it or feel in your heart
Gentle words of the Spirit in music or art.

It may come in the quiet, in dreams, or in sound.
But however, whenever, your message is found!
You will feel when you’ve got it, your life’s cornerstone.
It will help guide your path, knowing you’re not alone.

For the stone that you see here is only a sign
Of the worlds you can enter and brilliance you find
In your own heart and spirit, your mind, and your soul.
For within you are perfect! You’re wise, and you’re whole!

The secret in stone is a secret no more!
Your Truth is revealed; it is clear and so pure!
Now return to your journey of purpose and path;
You can seek any moment for answers–just ask!

Written for KL Caley’s wonderful #Writephoto Prompt, The Secret in the Stone:

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