Two Harp Announcements #Tanka #Poem

My double strung harp,
Arriving to enjoy Spring,
Perhaps will bring strength.
A dream laid by, unfulfilled,
Rekindles desire at last!

A Tanka written for
#Threethingschallenge #499
MLMM Tale Weaver #313: Finding Something Forgotten.


1. My double strung harp will indeed arrive in Spring, in April if not
sooner! This is my dream harp and the only one I will ever purchase.
Someone out there is laughing right now, because, “You never have just
one harp!” And, “Whatever harp you purchase now won’t fit you
forever.” If those are the rules–and I’m not saying they are–then I
am the exception to both.

2. I’ve enrolled in the Therapy Harp Training Program, a certification
course for playing clinical healthcare music. This has been my dream
since I first took harp lessons about 10 years ago! The cost and
travel requirements of most training programs have been prohibitive
for me until now. This program doesn’t require travel and has
installment payment options, on top of being a well-rounded,
compassion-based program that includes both scientific and spiritual

I’m so pleased and excited!

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