Replaced #Costanza #Poem

I need a place to hide my shame
Or better still, to vanquish all,
For shameful feelings bring the fall.

I seek the magic in my name
That shows, not who I choose to be,
But who I Am when I Am free!

I search for one eternal flame,
The fire of life that is my spark,
Which shines on through the deepest dark.

I trust myself, but not the same.
The person I have been is gone,
Replaced by someone moving on!

I play at life and win the game!
No matter what has come before,
I live in knowing evermore!

I need no place to hide my shame.
No longer mine, it’s blown away
By lighter dawns and brighter days!

This is a Costanza, written for
MLMM Saturday Mix: Lucky Dip – Costanza

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