Two April Mornings #Poem

One April morning, breakfast done,
I got an envelope.
O it was big, with rais-ed seal.
Yes! It was what I’d hoped!

My work and study done at last,
At least for there and then.
The Masters I’d committed to
Was in my trembling hand!

I felt just like a waterfall,
My heartbeat loud and hard.
With glad relief I took a breath,
For that ordeal was large!

Another April morn did come,
When some three years had passed.
A rainy car ride ended in
A devastating crash!

No one was badly hurt, but still
I trembled with the shock.
It could have flipped and killed us all;
A big tree made it stop.

With grass stains on my shaking hands,
The medics helped me out.
Skyscraper high, my blood pressure
Was up without a doubt.

We made it safely, four of us,
To hospital and home.
But let’s just say that in a car
I lost my wish to roam!

When I see April mornings now,
Each different as these two,
I try to stop, remembering
The saving Spirit’s truth.

When it’s my time, then I will go,
But then and not before!
So let me, in my life and time,
Sing praises evermore!

I got so carried away writing this poem in the style of William Wordsworth’s “The Two April Mornings” that I forgot to include Linda’s
Paint Chip words,
which were the reason for the poem in the first place! So, I went back and added stanzas containing four of them. I guess there really is a first time for everything!

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