The Arran Boat #Music #WDIIA

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Yesterday I had every intention of creating and submitting a (hopefully musical) entry for the Weekly Photo Prompt from Sue at
Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo.
It’s become such an inspiration and positive routine for me that I start looking forward to it on Tuesday!

Well, as the saying goes, “Crystal plans, God laughs!” I was hit with a migraine last night that did not let up, didn’t sleep well, and then awoke to find the migraine turned to a full-blown thing, nausea and all. I’ll spare you the details, except to say that even walking and eating were extremely difficult. I do have chronic pain of other kinds, every day, but don’t get migraines like that very often. Suffice it to say that when I do, it is not fun! In fact, it’s debilitating!

This ruined my day and other things I had planned, ruined my husband’s plans, and had us worried for a while. I can still feel dull pounding (Is there really such a thing?) in my temples, but I bring you “The Arran Boat (Song)” for a reason.

The reason is harp therapy, or zither therapy, in this case. This traditional Scottish tune, first published in the 1880s, is often used as a calming, grounding piece. I’d been meaning to learn it for some time, and started practicing and arranging it a few days ago. This evening, after the pain subsided enough to think, I picked up little
my 2-3 LB. zither/lap harp, and played this piece while I was laying down. On my back with my head propped on pillows and my knees up, I propped the zither against my thighs. I played the piece a few times before recording it and was surprised, though I shouldn’t have been, to find how comforting it was.

I share “The Arran Boat” or “Highland Boat Song” with you now in hopes that it will calm, comfort, and ground you as well!

For Linda G. Hill’s
What Day Is It Anyway? #WDIIA

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