Light of Heaven: Tribute to Brook Boddie #Song

Light of Heaven (You Love Him, Too)

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I wrote this song in memory of Brook Boddie, a wonderful harpist, composer, and arranger. I didn’t know he began playing harp in his 30’s, or that he also played piano and organ in his church. There are many things I wasn’t able to experience about this humble man, including meeting him in person. However, I recognize his loving spirit and giving, selfless, gentle soul through his music and the encouragement he shared throughout the harp community. Brook passed away on July 15, 2020, and will be forever loved. I pray his soul continues to be eternally blessed, and that God grants peace to all those Brook touched who are grieving right now.

Here is another piece, composed and played by harpist Anne Crosby Gaudet, in memory of Brook. It is called “The Sparrow.” You can find more information about both Brook’s and Anne’s music in her Youtube description links.

Light of Heaven – Lyrics

1. You brought the Light
Of Heaven to earth
Because you gave all the glory
To the Lord who gave you birth.
God blessed your soul,
And your life story told
So everyone knew
You love Him, too.

2. Heard in your music
Is profound peace and love,
Lifting the world up
To see His Kingdom come.
Humbly you showed
We are really not alone,
And everyone knew
You love Him, too.

3. Though I never met you,
I can feel in your song
All the roads you traveled
As God lead you along.
You journey still
With your soul in His Will,
Eternal and true.
You love Him, Too.

You’re going on
With your Heavenly song
And Spirit renewed.
You love Him, too.
You love Him, too.

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